Letters to the Editor

Charlotte’s homicide problem is bigger than CMPD

Chief Putney isn’t to blame for homicides

In response to “Chief Putney isn’t doing his job” (Aug. 29 Forum):

Calls for Chief Kerr Putney’s removal are wildly unfounded. The fact that we have seen 60 homicides this year cannot be laid at the feet of the chief, but rather a result of the coarseness of our dialogue, which starts with the president. In addition, the ease of access to firearms, the short-changing of our public schools, lack of support for the poor and inadequate training around conflict resolution.

None of the terrible ills affecting our society can be blamed on our fine police chief or the outstanding officers who work in his department. CMPD is being proactive on violence prevention but they cannot be blamed when their efforts fall short.

Brian Jackson, Mint Hill

Here’s an idea for low-income housing

In response to “Will city demolish hotel for squalor?” (Aug. 27):

Our city’s greatest housing shortage is in addressing low-income families. On Sunday, the Observer exposed the plight of low-income residents and the difficulty accumulating funds to cover more permanent, decent places to live. The proposed course of action was to order the demolition of a specific motel on Wilkinson Boulevard. Why wouldn’t the city consider going to court and seizing the property, rehabilitating, and leasing it?

If the city were to set aside half of each new occupant’s monthly rental payment for that occupant’s future housing use, after four to six months sufficient funds could have been accumulated for rent and moving expenses somewhere else, and free the city’s unit for a new low-income occupant. Can we think of more than just tearing down? Can we salvage places that people can now afford?

Dave Nichols, Charlotte

N.C. should focus on clean energy

Uruguay has 95 percent renewable energy production and world class public-private partnerships in the wind and solar sector for one simple reason: The citizens own the public utility that provides water and electricity. After removing the state obstruction on referendum initiated by the public, the citizens of North Carolina could initiate a ballot measure to free ourselves from the tyranny of Duke Energy.

It is inexcusable that they make billions in profit annually, and plague us with a dirty energy monopoly, yet do not even have the moral backbone to pay for the poisonous mess they created themselves. We should use wind and solar power, and all CMS schools as well as UNC-Charlotte should have rooftop PV arrays. An antiquated, centralized corporation is blocking our future of clean, renewable energy.

Jonathan Hudson,


Actually, everyone can’t be racist

In response to “No, I don’t want to be called ‘racist’” (Aug. 22 Forum):

Blacks along with other nonwhites/ethnic groups can be biased, but are not in a collective position of “power” to create and implement racist policies and practices.

When black people speak of racism, or whites being racist, they are referring to an institutionalized system put in place by whites for whites, known as white privilege.

Specifically, white people are in the position to discriminate, legislate, adjudicate uneven justice and to control others’ conduct and lives.

This is racism!

Megan Wilson, Charlotte

Texas needs long-term help

The Texas devastation is so extreme it will take years to rebuild. Every and any donation of any amount is needed, but let’s all take an extra step and pledge a monthly amount to the service of your choice such as The Red Cross for their recovery. They will be able to plan and work for maximum benefit. Today is a great day to make your pledge. Please join me.

Marjorie Anderson,


Ray Brayboy

Maybe Trump should stay in private

In response to “Trump’s better in private, says Rep. McHenry” (Aug. 28):

Say what, Rep. McHenry!

Lord help us when we actually believe the current president performs better in private settings. The highly partisan rhetoric espoused by this long-serving Republican representative should only serve to heighten our concerns about the unlimited damage that can be inflicted by Donald Trump and his allies on the American people in both covert and public settings.

May I suggest a fool-proof solution, please? Let’s just return, with all due haste, the current president to a full time private setting.

Ray Brayboy, Myrtle Beach