Letters to the Editor

Charlotte needs leaders who can solve problems, rather than create them

Politicians, stick to your job descriptions

Murder now seems a daily occurrence in Charlotte. Meanwhile, the mayor wants to rename a street virtually no one thought about until she raised the subject.

Greg R. Smith
Greg Smith

And, newly appointed City Council member Dimple Ajmera, after determining that anyone who voted for President Trump is not fit for elected office, wants a resolution in response to events in Charlottesville.

Regardless of party affiliation, I urge fellow citizens to consider candidates closely. Vote for individuals you believe are open-minded problem solvers who will be focused on city or county issues that are actually within the scope of their job description.

Greg Smith, Charlotte

N.C. doctors need flexibility on opioids

As N.C. officials respond to our opioid epidemic, they must give physicians more flexibility to prescribe treatments they deem best for each patient.

Dr. Michael Trombley
Dr. Michael Trombley

Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration must eliminate the requirement that doctors receive prior authorization from Medicaid to use most FDA-approved buprenorphine products to treat opioid dependent patients.

N.C. Medicaid has only one treatment on its list of “preferred” drugs even though several FDA-approved treatments are available. Putting a prior authorization on these treatments in the midst of an epidemic hurts doctors’ ability to treat patients.

Dr. Michael Trombley, Charlotte

Too many college degrees lead to debt

In response to “Sorry, Charlotte. You don’t need a law school, officials say” (Aug. 31):

Eric Cable
Eric Cable

While I have no sympathy for the owners of Charlotte School of Law and hope they go to prison, I agree with UNCC Chancellor Phil Dubois’ assessment that there is no job market for students graduating with a law degree at this time.

That said, I’d be interested in hearing his opinion of the job market for students graduating with certain degrees his school offers, such as art history and instrumental music.

Too many kids are going into debt to get degrees they won’t be able to earn a living with, while schools are more than happy to cash the checks and student loan companies are more than happy to charge interest.

Eric Cable, Charlotte

Reconsider taking down Lee statues

The statues in this country are beautiful pieces of art, and many were created by famous artists.

Most of the time we don’t even think about who the statue depicts; we are admiring the artwork.

As for Robert E. Lee, people need to read his biography. Most of his life he served our country honorably and with distinction. He was a Confederate general for only four years. The rest of his life he was serving our United States.

Pat Craig, Charlotte

Racist individuals also an issue

In response to “Actually, everyone can’t be racist” (Aug. 31 Forum):

Mark Selleck
Mark Selleck

A racist, by definition: Someone who believes that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Sorry, Forum writer Megan Wilson, the philosophy doesn’t have to be institutionalized to exist.

The sole inhabitant of a desert island can be a racist, despite his/her solitary existence.

Mark Selleck, Mineral Springs

Cut fossil fuels, have 1 child per family

How much more proof does one need to see that human use of fossil fuels has caused climate change and other devastating effects on the ecosystem?

We have super hurricanes, rise in sea levels, lead in water, coal ash pollution in rivers, etc.

Our choices determine our future. We can choose to use renewable energy (solar/wind) to bring the earth back in balance.

We can also choose to have only one child per family, which results in far fewer resources used. The earth cannot sustain the 7.5 billion people!

Jeri Edwards, Iron Station

Clean energy critical for N.C.’s future

In response to “N.C. should focus on clean energy,” (Aug. 31 Forum):

Right on, Jonathan Hudson! I was heartened to read his powerful letter in support of a progressive agenda for clean energy for North Carolina. Citizens should unite in support of this issue, which has a critical impact on our future.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius