Letters to the Editor

Hospital merger will hurt patients

Hospital merger will only feed greed

In response to “Hospital chains to join, forming health care giant” (Sept. 1):

Only last year, Carolinas HealthCare System settled a multimillion-dollar lawsuit brought by the federal and state justice departments. CHS was also the subject of a class-action lawsuit brought by a San Francisco law firm.

Steve Monroe
Steve Monroe

Both suits involved price-fixing.

CHS is more a cartel than a health care system.

With health care costs nearing 20 percent of GDP, many North Carolinians can’t afford the ever-escalating cost of health care. This merger will only feed CHS greed at our expense.

Steve Monroe, Charlotte

I’ll take McHenry’s word on Trump

In response to “Trump’s better in private, says Rep. McHenry” (Aug. 28):

I put more credence in U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry’s observations of the president than a person who has never met him and speculates an uninformed emotional opinion.

David Gerard
David Gerard

After hearing Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell smirk and say the president doesn’t understand how Washington works, I would further venture that Rep. McHenry “gets it” more than they do.

The reason Trump is president is that voters believe Washington does not work – for them.

David Gerard, Terrell

Local candidates remind me of Trump

In response to “Among mayoral, council hopefuls: Money struggles, evictions, unusual DWI” (Aug. 31):

I’m not sure what the outrage is about regarding a couple of bankruptcies and DWI convictions. Sounds about right for leadership these days.

Just look at our president with six bankruptcies under his belt and countless court settlements, the most recent for $25 million for fraud at his “school” in New York.

I sure hope that the fact that he’s a Republican doesn’t mean it’s OK.

Alan White, Davidson

National goal: political correctness?

I think I may have the answer to all this political correctness. First, we have to eliminate all statues and memorials. There isn’t a single person who doesn’t have some skeleton in his/her closet that might not offend someone.

David McCauley
David McCauley

Next, just to be safe we should do like Washington, D.C., and rename all of our streets to numbers and letters of the alphabet.

Lastly, we need to get rid of all holidays. There isn’t a single one that doesn’t offend someone.

Only after we have done these things can we come close to our national goal of political correctness.

My apologies if this letter offends anyone.

David McCauley, Charlotte

Glad CMPD won’t take military surplus

In response to “CMPD not interested in Trump’s offer of military gear” (Sept. 1):

Kudos to CMPD for not participating in the program to obtain military-style weaponry. Our citizens have watched in horror when other cities deployed this type of equipment. It escalates situations almost immediately.

Chris Turner 2017
Christine Turner

This is one more reason I am proud to live in Charlotte and have leaders who make the right decisions for their citizens.

Christine Turner, Charlotte

Heed concerns about Lake Wylie project

Southern Real Estate is promoting the sale of 348 acres on Lake Wylie owned by Duke Energy for high density development. Hundreds of homes are planned for the peninsula, which now houses the nuclear plant.

Adding more homes ignores the critical issue of safe egress in the event of an emergency.

Area residents and environmentalists are proposing less dense development with a nature preserve and other green areas. This is one of the last large undeveloped properties on the lake and should be preserved. Duke and Southern Real Estate need to listen to concerned citizens.

Joseph Zdenek, Rock Hill

Harvey brought out the best in us

The floods in Houston and throughout the world have been devastating and heartbreaking.

Barbara Rulf 2015
Barbara Rulf

What I saw clearly was a great truth we all must hold close: In these times of disasters and suffering, we always see an overflowing of goodwill – a selfless reaching out with compassion and action to all, regardless of skin color, religion, nationality, or economic position.

It is the rising up of the best that is within, a response for something rather than against. This is the embodiment of the ideals of this nation, the “shining light.”

Barbara Rulf, Charlotte