Letters to the Editor

N.C. Attorney General shouldn’t challenge Trump’s plan to end DACA

Stein erred; DACA appeal is doomed

In response to “N.C. attorney general joins legal challenge to DACA decision” (Sept. 7):

N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein is wrong to challenge President Trump’s plans to end DACA.

Steven P. Nesbit
Steven Nesbit

Whatever you think of the policy of deporting people who entered the country illegally due to the actions of their parents, if it is in the power of one president to allow them to stay, it is certainly in the power of another president to resume enforcement of existing immigration law.

Executive actions do not convey new civil rights in perpetuity. Mr. Stein should put aside his political beliefs and refrain from involving North Carolina in an unwise and doomed appeal.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Bannon wrong about Catholic Church

Steve Bannon has attacked the Catholic Church’s support of DACA. The only reason they support it, he said, is because it helps fill their churches.

We should be thankful that kind of thinking is no longer connected to the White House. But while his direct influence may be diminished, his thinking still has a voice. He still reaches the “fine people” – KKK members, skinheads, neo-Nazis – that President Trump said were among the Charlottesville demonstrators.

If there’s anything that should be changed about our churches, perhaps they should be more full.

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte

Congress is the problem, not Trump

You may or may not agree with the executive orders President Trump has signed, but at least there is some work being accomplished.

What has Congress done in the first eight months of this year?

All they have done is set up committees to try to figure out how to get rid of Trump. There no evidence that any solutions have been passed to the many issues we need fixed. Why are we paying them?

Christ Koconis, Charlotte

Players have good reason to speak out

In response to “Let’s keep politics out of football” (Sept. 7 Opinion):

NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin retired this week to focus on criminal justice reform.

Blaine Winford
Blaine Winford

NFL player Michael Bennett had a gun held to his head Aug. 27 by a Las Vegas police officer after trying to run for safety after hearing gunshots in a casino. According to Bennett, the officer threatened to “blow my (expletive) head off.”

To say there’s no place for protest in professional sports right now is to be willfully blind to how frequently fatal excessive force is affecting Americans across the board, and blacks disproportionately.

Being paid to entertain people doesn’t buy silence.

Blaine Winford, Charlotte

Football ‘safe spaces’ least of my worries

“Safe spaces” are a wonderful idea. Let’s start with churches and schools before we worry about the disruptions caused by someone failing to stand for the national anthem.

C.G. Kilburn, Monroe

Laster and Roberts unfit for office

In response to “In a GOP stronghold, two candidates seek District 6 seat” (Sept. 6):

Eric Laster’s Trumpian statement that “(O)ur city is led by activists, who are turning Charlotte into test dummies for the liberal agenda” convinces me that his bias ultra-conservative attitude makes him unfit to lead this great city.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts is also unfit, as her touchy-feely political correctness put Charlotte in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Further, I so don’t believe she is responsible for 15,000 new jobs.

Is there leadership any more?

Patrick Morgan, Charlotte

On Marshall Park, board isn’t listening

In response to “County OKs terms of deal for land sale” (Sept. 6):

It is a sad day when our county commissioners listen more to developers than to the citizens they represent.

Amber Veverka2017
Amber Veverka

That’s the case with the county board’s plan to bulldoze Marshall Park into “the dustbin of history,” as Commissioner Bill James put it.

Who are commissioners listening to? Not to citizens, who have spoken at public meetings, written letters and made phone calls in favor of keeping what green space we have in Second Ward and making it better.

Commissioners, with the notable exception of Pat Cotham, may be listening to developers. But they aren’t listening to us.

Amber Veverka, Charlotte