Letters to the Editor

Mayor Roberts earned her loss

Jonathan Hoin

Charlotte right to get rid of Roberts

Congratulations to the voters of Charlotte in ousting the cynical Jennifer Roberts. It was Roberts’s promotion of bathroom politics that cost the city and state considerable losses in outside investment and prestige. Should Amazon choose not to locate its mega hub here, it will be in large part due to the petty squabbles of our politicians. A pox on both their houses, but surely Roberts is now paying the price that Pat McCrory paid a year ago in November. Maybe Amazon will look at Vi Lyles’s win as a sign of progress.

Jonathan Hoin, Charlotte

Vi Lyles isn’t good for Charlotte

Charlotte can have Vi Lyles. As a voting member of the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization, she voted for the toll lanes north of Charlotte on I-77. CRTPO should be abolished. Why does one politician have so much power in an organization that affects so many people? I am just glad I don’t live in Charlotte. With her record of voting for a very bad thing that affects so many people outside of Charlotte, I hate to see what she will do to the city of Charlotte.

Perry Hayes, Cornelius

Nothing wrong with monitoring teachers

In response to “Don't tape our teachers” (Sept. 5 For the Record):

Mr. Zimmerman’s opposition to students taping their teachers is flawed logic. The public is “…always looking over [teachers’] shoulders” as they pay teachers’ salaries and expect quality education. The idea that teachers should “make it clear that students don’t have to agree” with their opinion is naïve. Teachers are authority figures and students rarely challenge the people who have pass/fail power. We demand “sunshine laws” for other public servants; why not the same for public educators?

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

Keep Air Traffic Control open

In response to “Pittenger is opposite of Trump in style” (Sept. 13 Opinion):

Wednesday morning a photograph of me appeared on the Opinion page. The photo captured me making a somewhat emotional point to my Congressional Rep. Robert Pittenger. I was expressing my opposition to the privatization of the FAA Air Traffic Control (ATC) system which would transfer governmental control to the big major airlines and leave all others involved in general aviation without a voice. My opposition is joined by pilots, aviation organizations, EAA and AOPA. At a cost of $100 billion it is a very expensive mistake. We would not put the interstate highways under the control of big rig trucking companies and neither should our skies be controlled by a few special interest powerful airline execs.

As a pilot for more than 30 years I support our current ATC system as safe and staffed with professionals who perform an important service to all in the aviation community. We need to retain the ATC!

Lee Myers, Matthews

Kaepernick picked wrong flag

It is one thing to protest the Confederate flag, but I cannot understand why Colin Kaepernick is protesting the American flag. Does he not know that the American flag was carried by Union troops who were fighting to end slavery? The American flag is for everyone and should not be used as a symbol for the many problems we face as a country. Many have died for the American flag. Kaepernick just picked the wrong symbol.

Michael Sloop, Charlotte

We’re tearing down historic Charlotte

“Tear it down” is the Charlotte way. For years nothing but demolition and the building of dull boxes. One day there will be no structures of the history of Charlotte, only pictures.

Bill Lane, Polkville

Can we get past partisanship?

Until we stop treating politics as a team sport with only one possible winner, we are doomed to blunder along clinging to the same old dichotomies whereby we bestow pejorative labels on those with whom we disagree. As long as we choose to see each other only as Democrats vs. Republicans, liberals vs. conservatives, reds vs. blues, black vs. white, or any other divisive label we may choose, we condemn ourselves to our current state of unceasing sniping. Until we decide to debate issues and solutions without ad hominem attacks upon each other, I fear our civil discourse will remain uncivil and our democratic process broken.

Tim Sisson, Matthews