Letters to the Editor

Roberts was honorable, ethical, transparent leader

Stop treating Roberts like a piñata

In response to “Roberts lost, and reasons why aren’t hard to find” (Sept. 14):

This article about Jennifer Roberts’ loss was replete with subtle pejorative words and phrases designed to diminish her to the point of objectification as a piñata. It’s easy to kick a man when he’s down, and the kicker may temporarily gain favor from the madding crowd, but it diminishes a newspaper that should know to take higher ground.

Roberts is an honorable, ethical, moral public servant who at worst overestimated the intelligence and civility of some citizens following the death of Keith Lamont Scott.

She deserves gratitude for her efforts to provide calm, intelligent, transparent leadership.

Jonathan Burgess, Boone

Calling legislature’s ethics into question

In response to “Real estate industry blocks sea-level warnings” (Sept. 14):

Alan Singerman

It seems incredible that the real estate industry in North Carolina got away with pressuring state legislators to pass a law preventing coastal planners from basing their policies on settled scientific information about future sea-level rise.

While business interests and legislatures in other coastal states have made similar efforts to hide the long-term dangers that global warming poses, it is no less incredible that the N.C. legislation in question was written in 2012 by Republican Rep. Pat McElraft, a coastal Realtor.

Whatever happened to laws and ethics rules about conflicts of interest that normally prompted legislators to recuse themselves from voting on bills they would profit from?

Alan Singerman, Mooresville

GOP tax reform won’t help neediest

Tom E. Bowers
Tom E. Bowers

Republican leaders say they want tax reform for the neediest, while they actually propose lowering what is already one of the lowest tax rates on the wealthiest.

To suggest lowering this already low rate is completely absurd. To claim reform to benefit the neediest is absolutely dishonest.

I just hope that all Americans use their power by researching candidates on vote411.org and vote for those who actually care about this country’s best interests over time.

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

Prosperity in bloom after 2016 election

In response to “End Electoral College and demote Trump” (Sept. 11 Forum):

End the Electoral College? Really? Then we would have the opportunity to elect a politician like Hillary Clinton or Gov. Jerry Brown of California. They will open the borders and give our money away while we tax-paying citizens get shafted!

Forum writer Herb Stark get your head out the sand and smell the flowers of freedom and prosperity.

Peter J. Augusta, Charlotte

I see disrespect in Kaepernick’s actions

In response to “Kaepernick shows how to be a better American” (Sept. 9 Opinion) and related Forum letters:

As a retired Air Force and Vietnam War veteran, I am highly offended by Issac Bailey’s column.

The national anthem is very sacred to those of us who’ve served our country. Colin Kaepernick’s actions and those of other professional athletes who support him, are totally disrespectful to all who are serving in the military and who have served.

Many have died protecting what the national anthem stands for.

Jimmy P. Obi, Charlotte

Jackie Robinson, Ali also spoke out

My father served our country for 30 years in the Army. My uncle is buried in Normandy.

I want to believe that their service and sacrifice not only allows our citizens to exercise their freedom of speech, but also encourages it.

Kneeling or sitting during our national anthem is a form of protest when you feel our country is not living up to the ideals of “liberty and justice for all.”

A highly visible athlete using his or her platform to draw attention to a social cause is nothing new. Think Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali and others.

Joe Dean, Cornelius

Don’t miss point of Kaepernick’s protest

To all who think this young man is protesting the flag, you’re wrong.

He is protesting the actions of people in authority who are going to extremes with their treatment of people of color.

He’s protesting the fact that these individuals are taking the third verse of the anthem too literally.

I’ll bet most of you didn’t know that there was a third verse. There is, check it out.

Otha Morris, Charlotte