Letters to the Editor

The GOP has another terrible health care bill

Margie Storch Nancy Pierce

GOP’s latest health care bill is a disaster

The zombie repeal and replace “health care” bill rises again. Senate Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the Cassidy-Graham Bill – an idea even sorrier than the others.

The Cassidy-Graham Bill proposes block grants for states with significantly less healthcare funding by 2026, dwindling to zero by 2027. Tens of millions of Americans will lose health care coverage, women’s health care will suffer and people with pre-existing medical conditions would lose protections.

Want health care coverage for all at less cost with better health outcomes? Support the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act in the House (HR 676) and Senate (SB 1804). Tell Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr to vote no on Cassidy-Graham’s bill that shrinks health care.

Margie Storch, Charlotte

Trump sends right message to UN

When President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations Tuesday he reminded the General Assembly that the interests of America will come before any other nation. Just like those leaders put the interests of their countries before any other, America will begin doing the same – and it’s about time.

Michael Mezquida,


Trump using wrong approach with U.N.

President Trump matching Kim Jong Un’s blustery rhetoric further diminishes U.S. world leadership by this administration. Rational, calm diplomacy has yielded to reckless, incendiary tweets that will surely bring more military conflict that we are not prepared for.

Given our long histories in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, you’d think the American public would be wary. The trillions of dollars, death, and destruction have offered no clear victories and yet here’s Trump embarrassing us at the U.N. by repeating disastrous patterns.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

Lorraine Stark

Clinton shouldn’t be on our minds

There are many more pressing issues today than Hillary Clinton. “What Happened” is simple enough. She lost and can’t accept it. Now, her behavior is becoming second to Trump’s childish displays of displeasure. Is this what this country needs now?

There is a health care bill, climate change, hurricane victims, DACA, possibility of Planned Parenthood defunding, North Korea, poverty, white supremacists, unequal pay, taxes, and the list goes on and on.

For the good of the country, Hillary Clinton should end her constant game of blame for her loss.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Idea on responding to gentrification

In response to “Biggest redevelopment project in years approved” (Sept. 19):

I agree with Mayor-Pro Tem Vi Lyles that Charlotte needs to take action to protect residents from the effects of gentrification when development raises property values.

There is a step the city may consider to protect residents from gentrification.

Has anyone considered community-centered preservation practices? These practices aim to recognize struggles of long-time residents, celebrate the history of such neighborhoods, preserve the legacy of communities and place a freeze on property taxes for longtime residents until the property is sold – a necessity if the homeowners are to remain in gentrifying communities.

Priscilla Johnson, Charlotte

For progress, keep protests peaceful

Peaceful protests have achieved marvelous results in India and South Africa. But if protests are to be successful, they must be peaceful. Protesters need to have the ability to maintain the appropriate nature of their activity, or they only will generate ill results, and it will be necessary to call in police help.

Albert L Promislow,


We need to face facts on climate change

The togetherness of Americans in helping their fellow citizens in moments of great distress, as we experienced during the destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, is an example to the world.

This unity would have been complete if the current administration would realizethat hurricanes are more destructive because of the warming of the waters that feed the winds and the torrential rains. It is time for the administration to wake up and face the fact that we cannot go on destroying nature.

Marita Lentz, Charlotte