Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.07.15

In response to “Take this out of the ballgame” (Our View, April 6):

Feeling bruised by baseball’s blackouts

Thanks for highlighting the outdated MLB blackout policy. Baseball is very slow to change, so maybe your high and inside fastball might wake up the new powers. There is no avenue for fans; calls to New York go into a black hole.

Maybe you can find the fans a direct line to explain our pain. Feeling bruised.

David Wehner


In response to “Shopping futile for cancer survivor” (April 5):

It’s frustrating to navigate maze of medical costs

I feel the same frustration as Ms. Gatter. It’s like being in a maze that takes you around, up and down and has no exit. I’ve researched my policy, then called my provider, and they cannot tell me exactly how much an MRI or any other procedure will cost.

We need “sunshine laws” for insurance companies and provider care.

June Mucci


In response to “When the costs, and the risks, are shared” (April 5):

Cost sharing is confusing to both patients and doctors

I was very happy to read the article by Ann Doss Helms portraying the dilemma facing most health care consumers concerning the trend of increasing cost sharing. Most patients do not have the medical background necessary to decide if a given test is appropriate or not.

Also, the confusion surrounding cost plagues not only the patient, but the physician. Cost sharing is another barrier to timely, quality health care.

Andrea DeSantis


In response to “Easy labeling in just 21 words” (Taylor Batten column, April 5):

Charlotte needs to cultivate a new generation of leaders

(The writer is director of philanthropy, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic):

Thank you Taylor Batten for your piece honoring Will Terry and his exemplary life. Charlotte has a long history of people like Terry, Sarah Bryant, Charles Farrar and Sydnor Thompson, who succeeded in winning support for a broad range of ideas and needs that cross all ideologies and affect all people.

New leaders need to be encouraged to follow the same fine example that Will Terry personified.

Marcie Shealy


We need to revive programs that warn teens about smoking

All North Carolina parents should thank Senators Bingham, Hartsell and Woodard for the introduction of a bill that attempts to restore a portion of the funding for tobacco education and cessation programs that resulted in the lowest teenage smoking rates in N.C. history in 2011.

Sadly, since 2011, our lawmakers reduced and finally eliminated the funding for these programs, despite the fact that North Carolina receives $140 million from the tobacco companies due to the 1998 (tobacco) Master Settlement Agreement.

Robert Schechner


In response to “Charlotte McDonald’s workers rally for higher wages, benefits” (April 2):

$15 an hour is too much for entry level, fast food workers

$15 an hour for fast food workers? Those entry level jobs are meant to be just that. Or they are jobs to help retired seniors supplement their often meager incomes. No skill required, just follow the rote instructions from the company.

If fast food companies increase minimum wages, so shall their retail prices increase. Eat hardy, folks!

Paul Zemenz

Sherrills Ford

In response to “After 60 years, plenty of Masters memories” (April 5):

I’ll miss Ron Green’s captivating Masters coverage

I have been captivated by Ron Green’s columns on the Masters for all of his 60 years of covering that event. One of the first things I did every morning the Masters was being played was to see what Ron had to say. He painted pictures with his words in such a way that you thought you were there!

Frank Jones

Stella, N.C.