Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.08.15

In response to “Bills call for Graham statue at U.S. Capitol” (April 7):

Think twice about Billy Graham statue

From racist to anti-Semite – not much of an improvement!

Before Rep. Charles Jeter and Sen. Dan Soucek commission a statue of the Rev. Billy Graham to replace that of former N.C. Gov. Charles B. Aycock, I suggest they listen to the Nixon tapes.

I’m sure Graham wishes that Rose Mary Woods had also “accidentally” deleted his conversation with Nixon about Jewish people and the news media.

Not what you want to hear from “America’s Pastor.”

Marc Silverstein


Editor’s note: Rev. Graham apologized for his comments when they came to light in 2002.

In response to “Women’s shelter reaches capacity” (April 6):

Chronic homelessness is down, now let’s focus on families

Homelessness robs children of their security and their potential to learn and grow into successful, responsible adults.

Sixty-four additional beds in June is good, but surely we can do better.

Are we OK with five families not having shelter for the night because appropriate facilities are beyond capacity? Remember, it was 34 degrees Easter morning.

Arlene Fenlon


In response to “Shopping was futile for cancer survivor” (April 5):

Taxpayers need to know, care about what procedures cost

My internist’s office scheduled a sonogram of my carotid arteries at Carolinas Medical Center. I called the business office to inquire about the cost and was advised that they could not give me this information.

I persisted and was told “What difference does it make? Your insurance will pay the cost.”

Defeated, I gave up and had the procedure done at the hospital.

The cost was $1,236.41, paid by Medicare and my supplemental insurance company. Yet, isn’t this ultimately paid by you and me?

I wish I could have made a wiser choice.

Jim Brinson


In response to “Protests mount over shooting range plans” (April 6):

Don’t put hikers at risk; locate shooting range elsewhere

My wife and I were shocked to learn about the proposed shooting range near Lake James.

The Shortoff Mountain area is one of our favorite places to hike.

The diversity of terrain is remarkable, and the views into Linville Gorge and toward the surrounding mountains and Lake James are spectacular.

We and our hiking companions have met roughly 100 hikers along the trails on weekend days, suggesting that at least 10,000 people hike in the area each year.

N.C. officials, please find another, less scenic place to open the shooting range.

Ralph Levering


In response to “Forcing citizens to violate their religious beliefs amounts to tyranny” (April 6 Forum):

If you’re a public business, you must serve all the public

Forum writer Jack Watson notes there is no mention in the U.S. Constitution of forcing a private citizen to perform a service they consider immoral, such as a service for a gay couple.

The matter in question concerns businesses, and a public business is not a private citizen. Public businesses cannot discriminate.

Joan Gauker


In response to “Easy labeling in just 21 words” (Taylor Batten column, April 5):

People of all political stripes should heed Terry’s example

The writer ran unsuccessfully for a school board seat in 2007.

As proud and staunch a Democrat as he was, Will Terry leapt to support – and host a fundraiser for – a mediocre and ultimately unsuccessful at-large school board candidate who happened to be a Republican.

The candidate had the good fortune to call Will friend, teacher, and supporter, and Will loved and supported people with all of their flaws and foibles, not self-righteous dogma or political hyperbole.

Our community has lost a prince among men. Folks from across the political spectrum would do well to heed his example and mirror his joy in life.

Julian Wright