Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.09.15

In response to “N.C. Senate leader seeks a ‘balance’ on religion” (April 7):

Berger has it backwards on intolerance

I must commend N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger. He has taken the art of “flipping the script” to new heights.

The article says “He expressed concern about what seems to be an increase in ‘intolerance’ toward people with sincere religious views.”

From where I sit, it appears that those with “sincere religious views” have come out in a forceful showing of intolerance against those whose views differ from their own!

Carol Shubkin


In response to “Latino agency to lose its director” (April 7):

Latin American Coalition needs Latino director this time

After long-time European-American leadership at the Latin American Coalition we deserve a Latino executive director and some Latino staff members who know first-hand about our social situation and speak Spanish fluently. It would improve our Latin community and society in general.

Alejandro Galvez Cruz


In response to “Think twice about Billy Graham statue” (April 8 Forum):

Forgive past transgression; Rev. Graham deserves statue

On balance, the Rev. Billy Graham has lived one of the most incredible lives while taking Christianity to all corners of the world.

He is “America’s Pastor,” North Carolina’s favorite son, and deserves a statue.

Forgiveness for this anti-Semitic transgression is long overdue.

Wonder if we would find some choice nuggets from years back if Forum writer Marc Silverstein and I were ever recorded without our knowledge? It would be interesting!

W. Randall Lemly


In response to “Commissioners transfer lake patrol to Cornelius” (April 8):

Mistake to hand lake patrols over to Cornelius police

The writer is a retired CMPD lake patrol officer.

CMPD’s lake unit has existed since 1981 and trains its officers as EMTs, swift water rescuers, enforcers of marine laws, and competent boat operators for day and night operations.

Unless Cornelius invests greatly to match this training and dedication, the boating public will suffer.

There is more to lake patrol than being able to respond to a loud music call at the sandbar within 15 minutes at 2 a.m.

Scott Howard


In response to “Development’s old friend traffic popping up again” (March 29) and related articles:

Brace yourself for massive traffic woes projects will bring

Just wait until the proposed developments of Waverly and Golf Links are completed.

Combined, there will be over 1 million square feet of office and retail space, a 150-room hotel, about 1,560 housing units, 250,000 square feet of recreation facilities, a possible K-8 school, and maybe a police substation.

Say hello to your new neighbor: Gridlock City.

Richard Dvorak


In response to “Ruling may hurt women most” (April 7):

Single moms already hurting; don’t ax health care tax credits

After all the good the Affordable Care Act has done for women, how could the U.S. Supreme Court even consider banning health care tax credits in 34 states where the federal government operates insurance marketplaces, knowing it would create hardship for women?

Women in single-parent households are working hard to keep a roof over their families. Life is hard enough for them without adding another burden and the possible loss of health coverage.

Lorraine Stark


In response to “$15 an hour is too much for entry level, fast food workers” (April 7 Forum):

I’ve worked fast food jobs and I’m all for that higher wage

Maybe Forum writer Paul Zemenz never worked in a fast food restaurant.

In my first such job I learned to follow orders from superiors, deal with customers, and perform numerous dirty jobs.

This built my character and developed empathy for others.

If higher wages cause fast food companies to raise prices, perhaps fewer people will eat their food, resulting in lower obesity rates. A win-win for all.

Roy Courtney

Denver, N.C.