Letters to the Editor

Good grief! Staff N.C. prisons before another person dies

N.C. prisons need staff, not a study

In response to “NC prison leaders ‘lost control,’ lawmaker says” (Oct. 19):

No prison study is needed. N.C. prisons are understaffed. Send the money to complete staffing!

Don’t waste any more of anybody’s time. Good grief. I’ve served on enough committees to know.

Send money before more staff are killed or injured. Fully staff the prisons. No investigation needed.

Hilda Lee, Norwood

A pattern of insulting military families

President Trump often claims he is a champion for our military, but does that claim really hold up to scrutiny? No.

Sure, he jumps on the opportunity to send out a tweet-storm when football players kneel during the anthem, but when you look to the individual interactions between Trump, soldiers and their families, the narrative inverts. Starting on the campaign trail with Trump’s verbal abuse of the Khan family and continuing the trend even now, with Trump’s “he knew what he signed up for” comment, Trump has a consistent history of negative and often insulting interactions with soldiers and their families.

Trump loves to politicize our military for his own gain, but he has yet to demonstrate any true respect for it.

David Edwards, Charlotte

Don’t blame Trump, blame Congress

Why is it some in the media disregard the fact that absent a spending authorization from Congress, the court has ruled that continuing to pay insurance companies is not legal?

Much coverage is given to those complaining about Trump, but even those who mention the lack of a spending authorization are not asking why Congress does not do its job. Those who are complaining should get busy and pass a spending authorization.

Michael Sloop, Charlotte

Opioid abuse is a choice; accept that

In response to “Here’s how to address the opioid epidemic” (Oct. 18 Opinion):

So opioid addiction, as a “chronic disease,” is not a personal failure but a public failure to address seven key societal responsibilities?

I do agree that “most people with addiction have other chronic conditions,” principally a lack of personal responsibility.

Another chronic disease, in addition to alcohol, is the public addiction to sugary cola drinks.

It is well past time to identify and implement public responsibilities to address this issue.

It is incredulous that Dr. Omar Manejwala equates deaths from polio and tuberculosis to deaths resulting from personal decisions to smoke or not use a seat belt. I sense a future where nobody is responsible for anything.

Tom Duggins, Charlotte

Renewable energy has its limits

I can’t believe Forum writer Lee Brinson cited Chinese and German “smart leadership” to justify faster U.S. transition to renewable energy. (“Get on board with renewable energy,” Oct. 18 Forum)

Yes, we should fully exploit renewable energy. But recognize that China must act because it is literally choking on its pollution and Germany has greatly increased its fossil fuel use in recent years because in their pell-mell switch to renewables they realized they can’t produce around-the-clock power that fossil and nuclear power does.

Robert Edmonds Jr., Cornelius

Jim Cherry may not be thankful, but I am

In response to “Some try to thwart Trump at all costs” (Oct. 16 Forum):

Sen. John McCain decided that health care legislation should not be crafted by a handful of people in some back room and presented for limited debate before being voted on.

Sen. Susan Collins was not willing to take away medical coverage for thousands of her constituents just so President Trump could claim an Obamacare repeal win.

Forum writer Jim Cherry repeatedly whines about legislators who do not follow his narrow perception of the Republican Party line, but millions of Americans are thankful for those who have the integrity and character to do the right thing.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

Women must not be silent on sex assault

My heart breaks for women who are victims of sexual assault on so many different levels.

Unfortunately, most women are not raised to assert themselves, so they often resign themselves to victimization.

Women, find your voice! Don’t enable sexual perpetrators to continue to victimize you and other women. Don’t wait until some brave soul takes a chance by following the path of integrity.

Be true to yourself and your well-being. Empower yourself! Take a stand!

Elizabeth Will, Shelby