Letters to the Editor

Congress, stand up to Trump, but don’t abandon us

Corker and Flake shouldn’t jump ship

Dear Sens. Bob Corker and Jeff Flake,

Each of you have said unequivocally that Donald Trump is dangerous to democracy and that the debasement of our nation is how he will be remembered. Well guess what, that’s the same Donald Trump Sen. Corker supported every day until Nov. 8, 2016, and my guess is the same Donald Trump you both cast your presidential ballot for.

Now each of you have tossed that grenade and are headed out the back door while We the People have to suffer the consequences of your cowardice for allowing him to even be in office. Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, as our North Carolina senators, should show us they are true patriots, stop aligning themselves with Trump’s positions, and support his removal under the 25th Amendment.

Mary Gaertner, Charlotte

Congress, have the courage to speak up

We teach our children to tell the truth. We teach our children to apologize when they have done something wrong. We teach our children that they should not bully others. We teach our children to treat others with respect. We also try to model this behavior. We consider this to be normal behavior.

Thank you Sen. McCain, Sen. Corker, Sen. Flake, and President Bush for confronting the situation in the White House, where the behavior is not normal. In order to speak out, the adults in Congress will need courage, knowing full well that they will be at risk for vicious, humiliating tweets from the White House as well as threatened retribution through the financing of an opponent’s political campaign.

Anne Wilson, Morganton

Anger could be the downfall of the GOP

Anger is like an ever-consuming fire. This is where the Republican Party’s base currently exists. Donald Trump, while successful in the 2016 general election, has exposed the party’s fire to all the oxygen that is available to fan its existence. Yet anger is not enough to create policy or inspire hope in others.The actions of Sens. Flake and Corker are trying to sound the alarm before the flame of the Republican Party extinguishes itself. John Stuart Mill once said, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing!” Every Republican (elected and/or voter) needs to start reflecting on this quote, because doing nothing, or being silent, is complacency to the ends of a bad man’s desire.

Benjamin Cook, Charlotte

Can’t we settle the birth control debate?

In response to “Trump needs to stay out of our bedrooms” (Oct. 24 Opinion):

I greatly appreciated Rabbi Judy Schindler’s piece about the essential role that contraception plays in women’s lives. But I can’t believe we are debating this subject. How has birth control become so controversial? And why is religious freedom being used to limit access? The majority of reproductive-age women in the United States, regardless of religious affiliation, use contraception. That’s why women consider birth control to be basic health care. The Trump administration’s attempts to roll back access feel like an attempt to roll back women’s progress and rights. We must not let them.

Ruth Mayer, Charlotte

Don’t limit women’s potential

The bottom line in the argument about limiting women’s access to contraception is to understand that women cannot have control over their educational and economic potential unless they can control when to have children.

The Leading on Opportunity Report makes clear that unintended pregnancies negatively impact the family structure and contribute to generational poverty, leaving no doubt that we should be making access to family planning information and birth control more available and not less. This most recent restriction enabling employers to opt out of covering contraceptives is just the latest attempt to control women’s sexual activity to ensure that they remain barefoot and pregnant.

Jill Dinwiddie,


Let’s appreciate the progress we’ve made

In response to “I can't avoid Confederate statue” (Oct. 25 Forum):

I find it ironic that Sham Ostapko feels annoyed by a Confederate statue on her way to play tennis at the Country Club of Salisbury! The very fact that she has the privilege to play at that private club is testimony to the considerable progress we have recently made. Maybe her glass is half full, not half empty.

Don Justice, Charlotte