Letters to the Editor

Social media can be a factor in youth suicides

Suicide and the dark side of technology

In response to “Another young suicide. What do we do next?” (Oct. 26 Opinion):

There is growing evidence that social media is a material factor in youth suicides.

The iPhone was introduced in mid-2007 and by 2010 Facebook had 500 million users – mostly young people. Books by Thomas Kersting, “Disconnected,” and Nicholas Carr, “The Shallows” and “The Glass Cage” document technology’s impact on society and the data is sobering.

Families Managing Media is trying to address this topic in Charlotte. Families need to understand technology’s dark side before the smartphone in their child’s hand becomes a gun to their head.

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

Rise in Hispanic kids is costing taxpayers

In response to “Growth in Hispanic students saves CMS from shrinking” (Oct. 25):

Please tell me why it is a good thing for CMS to have thousands of Hispanic kids coming into the system.

I am sure many do not speak English, and as your editorial states the schools are now overcrowded. (“It’s temping to say no to school bonds. Don’t,” Oct. 25 Our View)

If this was not happening we would not need a $922 million bond proposal. Can we for once be honest and say that adding illegal immigrant kids to our schools does increase cost to the taxpayers?

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Statues convey a pride that offends

In response to “Let’s appreciate the progress we’ve made” (Oct. 26 Forum):

Each time she passes a Confederate monument, Forum writer Sham Ostapko does have to endure the reminder of the public pride of many past and some current citizens in the “valiant” struggle to prolong the right to own other people long after so many had recognized the evil of such a system.

Statues say that “I not only remember what occurred in the past, but I am proud of what, why and how it happened.”

William LoPresti, Charlotte

I’d give Trump a -10 on Puerto Rico

With 80 percent of Puerto Rico still without power President Trump rates his handling of this catastrophe a “10.”

Beg to differ. I’d rate his effort a “10-below zero”!

Of course anyone who dares to challenge him would be flipped off with the usual “fake news” retort. Good grief, can’t anyone in this sorry excuse for an administration get through to him?

Herb Stark, Mooresville

My plan: Use tax cuts to help inner city

In the wake of all the congressional infighting and Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee, I have an idea. People of color are just as smart as anyone but many of them suffer from generational poverty and lack of education.

So when we cut corporate tax rates and then theoretically bring back jobs to America, let’s place many of the returning plants in our inner cities.

This could be a bonanza for America and all people of all colors.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Hillary and Donald should share a cell

In response to “Clinton camp, DNC funded study that led to Russia dossier” (Oct. 25):

Most of us were shocked by allegations that the Trump campaign and Donald Trump Jr. had sought to enlist Russian help to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Now, amazingly, it seems the Clinton campaign may have done the same.

What have we come to as a nation when both political parties seek political help from a foreign nation that has historically been an enemy of the USA?

I urge an immediate inquiry to decide if any laws were broken. If so, maybe the two should be assigned to share a cell?

Gautam Bose, Charlotte

Statements by Kelly, Sanders unacceptable

During a recent press conference, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly referred to Rep. Frederica Wilson as “an empty barrel.”

The next day press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified that by saying in her part of the country it was referred to as “all hat and no cattle.”

These two act as if they only work for Donald Trump, and thus enjoy special status. In fact, John Kelly, even in his capacity as a four-star general, is a federal government employee, as is Sanders.

I suspect that if any other government employees had publicly insulted an elected member of Congress, they would have been ordered to apologize and resign. Why are they still there?

Donald Nelson, Charlotte