Letters to the Editor

Trump’s accomplishments being ignored

Trump has done much for America

I’m happy I voted for Donald Trump. I did so because he is a doer, a get-it-done person, in contrast to the do-nothing, ignore-the-problem ways of the past administration.

I expected that President Trump would upset the establishment in D.C., where many of our politicians are there for the wrong reasons. They do not have a passion and urgency to help America.

President Trump has accomplished much, but the mainstream media and most of the big cable news channels have chosen not to publicize this, so the public has no idea what Trump has done for America.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

No surprise you endorsed Vi Lyles

In response to Our View “Why we’re backing Vi Lyles for mayor” (Oct. 27 Editorial):

Your twisted logic in endorsing Vi Lyles is really flawed!

You state that Republicans would have “higher aspirations” for Kenny Smith. Oh, you mean that he would be a good candidate for governor? That would be the worst thing in your liberal world – another Republican governor, especially another one like Pat McCrory.

You say Smith’s election as mayor would embolden Republican legislators to go after Charlotte. That’s a lot of baloney.

Your real reason is that you don’t want any Republicans as governor, as long as you can influence it, for the foreseeable future.

Marty Pearsall, Mint Hill

Planned Parenthood does so much more

In response to Robert Pittenger “Taxpayers shouldn’t help pay to build abortion clinics” (Oct. 26 Opinion):

Let’s be clear. Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit that provides access to sexual and reproductive health care and information.

According to its 2015 annual report: It provided 9.5 million services to patients, 11 percent of its clients are men, and 45 percent of its services covered sexually transmitted diseases.

Abortion procedures accounted for 3 percent of its services in 2015.

Yet, Rep. Pittenger constantly calls it an abortion clinic. That’s like calling McDonald’s a salad restaurant.

Why the continual war against Planned Parenthood? Perhaps it’s to hide the abysmal job this government is doing in providing reproductive health care to the citizens who need it most and can’t afford it.

Beth Springston, Charlotte

Fund Viagra, but not abortion? I’m fed up

Anyone else tired of their tax dollars paying for Viagra for men who vote against providing tax money for birth control and legal abortions? Do you think they know how pregnancy occurs?

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Tackle opioids, but also gun violence

Yes there is an opioid crisis in the U.S. that needs our attention. I have seen how the crisis not only destroys human lives, but also devastates families and communities.

But we have another crisis as devastating and destructive. Since the Las Vegas shooting over 2,700 people have been shot in the U.S., with over 800 killed. Let’s address them both!

Webb Hubbell, Charlotte

Overcrowding is bigger issue at CMS

In response to “CMS growth flattens. One group is saving the school system from shrinking.” (Oct. 24):

The overall increase in CMS enrollment may be slowing, but at many schools overcrowding combined with teacher shortages is a serious issue.

At Mallard Creek High School, which is 800 students over capacity, even college-level Advanced Placement classes often surpass 30 students and it is not uncommon to find a class size pushing 40.

Students who struggle cannot find individual help. Teachers can barely stay on top of grading.

The overcrowding that threatens many schools significantly impacts the students’ learning experience. That should be CMS’s and the Observer’s focus.

Rachel Nesbit, Charlotte

Honesty, politicians and ancient Greece

After listening to the news about more and more politicians being investigated, I’m reminded of a story that occurred in ancient Greece 2000 years ago.

A Greek citizen was walking around the agora in the daytime with a lantern. He was asked what he was doing and the answer was that he was looking for an honest politician.

Not much has changed.

Christ Koconis, Charlotte