Letters to the Editor

GOP budget, tax cuts will hurt Trump supporters

Trickle down doesn’t work, just ask Kansas

Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, and especially Congressman Patrick McHenry, we see what you’re doing and I, for one, am furious.

The recently passed budget is great for the 1 percenters and corporations, but not the rest of this country’s citizenry.

Trickle down, voodoo economics doesn’t work. Just ask the citizens of Kansas.

The sad part is the devastating impact this will have on many of those who voted for President Trump. The investor class is of course very happy. I guess the standard rule now in the USA is that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.

Barbara Anderson, Statesville

Spend on opioid crisis, roads, schools

Republicans have been selling “trickle-down” economics for almost 40 years and it has yet to work.

None of their deficit-busting tax cuts have produced huge wage increases for the average American.

Maybe instead of another round of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, we should use that money to repair our roads and bridges, improve schools, and help those affected by the opioid epidemic.

Such investments would make positive changes in the lives of all Americans.

Donna Hatfield, Cornelius

Hispanic students need your support

In response to “Rise in Hispanic kids is costing taxpayers” (Oct. 27 Forum)

While an increase in students – regardless of ethnic background – does increase education costs, I am concerned when students are disparagingly characterized as “illegal immigrant kids.”

Many students of Hispanic descent are U.S. citizens who will provide much of the future creativity and labor for our country.

Perhaps those focused on “illegal immigrant kids” would consider volunteering for one of the many mentoring programs at CMS. By doing so, they’d gain a better understanding of Latino students and help ensure these students can pay the future taxes and entitlements, from which we will all benefit.

Charles Lansden, Charlotte

Term limits needed now more than ever

Our elected officials, Republicans and Democrats, have lowered themselves to a position of complete mistrust by their constituents.

The one and only solution is a single term in office for everyone! One term and you are out!

If you want positive changes, re-elect no one. They will never impose term limits on themselves, therefore voters must do it at election time.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

GOP, get your heads out of the sand

The only real deal Donald Trump ever made is with the devil. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich and others have all allowed this to happen by letting this bully push them around on the political playground, tolerating his crude insults of family, character and constituents.

It is now their responsibility to get their heads out of the sand, rise up from the swamp and work with other GOP leaders to impeach and replace this dictator wannabe before Steve Bannon and he are able to turn any more poor souls over to the dark side.

Chuck Chandek, Cornelius

Waverly, you’re no Phillips Place

The Waverly development is an architectural embarrassment. Originally touted as the new Phillips Place, it has evolved into a visually smelly potpourri of anything commercial.

A few guys at a bar after a Panthers loss could have sketched something out on a napkin that would have a better layout. No logical through-ways, a hodgepodge of buildings, visually unappealing, etc.

Nothing like driving down Providence Road looking at a mattress store with the glaring lights of a hotel behind it. Let’s add a waste treatment station and wall it all off to call it a day.

Mark Miller, Weddington

My son’s suicide broke my heart

In response to “Another young suicide. What do we do next?” (Oct. 26 Opinion):

Billy Maddalon’s op-ed struck a chord with me. My heart goes out to the Kocmond and Brockington families. I lost my 34-year-old son to suicide in 2002. My heart was broken.

He suffered from bipolar disorder. He was on medication and regularly saw a counselor. Of course we loved him and did all we could to help. No matter, parents feel responsible. What did we miss? What should we have done differently?

Parents must seek professional help and attend a support group. It will take years to get through the pain, but I promise that someday you will live, love and laugh again.

Joseph J. Salerno, Charlotte