Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.13.15

In response to “Democrats, allies attack Republicans on tax policies” (April 9):

I was a Republican before I moved here, but N.C. legislature changed my mind

We moved here in 1992 when services, schools and roads were good and folks were nice.

Now the “tax cut” has raised our state taxes $860. Our property tax assessment is now $70,000 over sale value. The legislature is promoting class warfare, bigotry and ignorance by choice.

We are moving out of this state just as soon as possible. And I’m very sure many other retirees will do the same.

I was a Republican for 40-plus years before we moved here. But I’m surely cured of it now!

Susan B. Nulf


In response to “Ruling may hurt women most” (April 7):

Affordable Care Act was poorly written, Supreme Court trying to fix it

In their haste to pass the Affordable Care Act, legislators wrote language to make the tax credits available only to individuals purchasing insurance in states that set up their own exchanges.

Not all states did. Subsequently, tax credits have been issued in both states with and without state exchanges.

Although Congress says it did not intend to limit tax credits to states that set up exchanges, it is not written precisely that way.

It’s funny that Jonathan Gruber said the ACA passed because of the stupidity of the American people, and now the Supreme Court will decide whether the ACA will collapse because of the stupidity of its authors.

Sydney A. Odell


If Iran can’t answer these 3 questions positively, U.S. shouldn’t negotiate

In light of our ongoing negotiations with Iran, three questions should have been answered by Iran in the positive:

1.) Will you acknowledge Israel as a country and their right to live peacefully?

2.) Will you cease your proliferation of war/terror/weapons throughout the world?

3.) Will you stop your propaganda of calling the U.S. the “Great Satan”?

If “no” to any of these, any further discussions with Iran should have ended.

Keith E. Smith


In response to “For-profit charters can hide spending” (April 5):

Taxpayers deserve to know how charter schools spend tax dollars

Charter schools that are operated by for-profit companies get taxpayer money, sap funds from public schools, and are not held completely accountable for their performance, nor for their spending of taxpayer money.

The GOP-led legislature seems to accept that a professed need for corporate privacy should trump the taxpayers’ need to be able to evaluate how their tax money is being spent.

If a company accepting taxpayer money cannot be transparent, it should not be eligible for the funding.

If we are going to allow this for corporations, let’s also give the benefit of the doubt to the poor and needy in our state.

Dave Gilliam


Is this America’s new exceptionalism? Certainly not the legacy we want

The Greatest Generation, which fought in WWII, must be appalled by what is going on in this country.

They fought one of the greatest wars in history to help stop the tyranny, genocide and bigotry of the Nazi regime.

What do we have now? States passing laws that target a section of society because they are “different.”

With the passage of Religious Freedom Restoration Act laws such as Indiana’s, and letters like the one senators sent to Iran, this generation’s legacy of exceptionalism will be one of Gross Stupidity.

Donald C. Tracy


In response to “Carbon fees would push all of us to reduce emissions” (April 10 Forum):

Say no to carbon fees; we already have too much government intrusion

Carbon fees and consequences for home energy use?

Do we want the government to intrude and micromanage our daily lives?

I do not want to be carbon-taxed for turning my lights on.

Enough is enough!

Mario J. Santiz

Indian Trail

In response to “$200,000 challenge to help Crisis Assistance Ministry” (April 8):

Community must step up and meet Crisis Assistance Ministry challenge

Thank you to the four couples who have challenged Charlotteans to match their more than generous donations to Crisis Assistance Ministry!

Charlotte may be basking in the loveliness of this warm spring, but the needy struggle financially in this weather as hard as they do in the cold winter.

We all need this challenge to continue our care for those less fortunate.

Edie Dula