Letters to the Editor

Actually, Pittenger has a point on Planned Parenthood

Actually, Rep. Pittenger has a point

In response to “Pittenger’s wrong on Planned Parenthood” (Oct. 31 Forum):

I’m happy that Jessika Zimmer got the non-abortion medical care she wanted at Planned Parenthood. But the fact that Planned Parenthood does some good things does not entitle them to a pass on the other things they do that are deeply appalling to vast numbers of Americans. If one of our hospitals were to adopt a policy of routinely euthanizing patients who were considered inconvenient to their family, the hospital would be swiftly run out of business regardless of any other medical services it might offer.

Cathie Bowers, Charlotte

If you care about our country, vote!

In 2001, I wrote about the people claiming patriotism and waving the flag after the horrific attacks of 9/11, and how that patriotism failed to result in high voter turnout that year. Well here we are in the midst of a debate about patriotism with an off-year election. I expect anyone and everyone who thinks kneeling during the national anthem is unpatriotic to get out and vote in this election. Voting is the right that protects all the others.

Elementary school children can tell you the American colonists believed in “No Taxation without Representation.” Representation means voting. If you do not get out to vote that is disrespectful to the memory of the sacrifices made by Americans throughout our history who fought for our representative government. Vote!

Anthony Yodice, Charlotte

David Duncan
David Duncan

NCAA keeps digging itself deeper

In response to “Beverly loses appeal with NCAA, must sit out season” (Oct. 31):

The NCAA has decided that it is OK to create fake classes requiring neither attendance nor course work to keep athletes eligible, but punishment is swift and decisive if an athlete makes the mistake of attending a class. For that crime, sit out a year. They have effectively removed “Student” from “Student Athlete.”

David Duncan, Fort Mill

I wonder if NCAA sees the irony

It is more than a little ironic that Braxton Beverly is denied an appeal for going to class only a week after the Committee of Infractions accepts “paper courses” over in Chapel Hill.

Bill Cleveland, Charlotte

Iran nuclear agreement is critical

We should urge our government to please think very clearly about the Iran Agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – JCPOA). It should be clearly understood that in the opinion of the nuclear weapons nonproliferation experts, the JCPOA is a good treaty. It was arduously negotiated over 20 months by Iran, U.S., U.K., Russia, France, China, Germany and the European Union, and it essentially blocks the only two paths toward nuclear weapons-uranium enrichment and plutonium production reactors.

It is in the vital national interests of all the signatories that the JCPOA lasts for its duration, during which time we all should embrace the spirit of the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty and pursue extensions of the constraints on Iran. We don’t need another dangerous problem like North Korea.

Bert Crain, Hickory

Trump’s not a ‘doer,’ he’s an ‘un-doer’

In response to “Trump has done much for America” (Oct. 29 Forum):

In his Forum letter, Howard Honeycutt praises Trump as a “doer” and condemns the “do-nothing” ways of Barack Obama. I beg to differ.

Obama inherited an economic calamity and two messy foreign wars. He left office with reduced deficits, record employment, steady economic growth and reduced overseas involvement. His health insurance reforms improved the health and financial security of millions of Americans. He signed banking regulations and consumer protection measures to prevent another financial collapse. He joined with almost every nation to combat climate change. He worked to curb Iran’s nuclear program, and much more.

Sorry, Mr. Honeycutt. Donald Trump is not a “doer.” He is the “un-doer” and the “un-learner.” He is the destroyer of hard work, well-informed policy and common civility.

Terry Neal, Mooresville

The current state of the GOP

The Republicans’ new slogan, it seems,

Is the end really justifies the means.

Who cares if he’s feckless,

Amoral and reckless

If their agenda’s advanced by his screams?

Dave Miller, Folly Beach