Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.12.15

David Robinson
David Robinson

Siers and my 97-year-old mom are right

I help my 97-year-old mom with her taxes. We just submitted her taxes for 2014. Her income consists of Social Security and investment dividends. Her federal taxable income was just over $5,000.

She owed the IRS nothing. She owed the state of North Carolina $619, which is greater than 10 percent of her federal taxable income.

When I told her how much she owed N.C., her reaction was: “The crooks.”

Kevin Siers got it right.

David Robinson


In response to “Streetcar gets on-road test” (April 8):

City buses a more economical choice than new streetcar

The streetcar is constrained to tracks. It cannot change routes.

But city buses are able to change routes; to go to new and different areas as traffic demands.

Critics often say “follow the money.” Is this true in this case?

And, which is the most economical method of moving the greatest number of people?


Patricia S. Broderick


Stop turning a blind eye to child abuse in our community

The horrific acts committed by the Union County social worker and her boyfriend and by Erica Parsons’ parents are not all that bothers me.

We as adults should be ashamed when we look away from children we suspect are being abused. So many times I read “we knew something wasn’t right because we didn’t see the child for weeks,” or “I noticed she had lots of bruises.”

Folks, get involved! Report suspicious situations.

I am sure many more children in our community are locked in closets of terror. Do your part to unlock those closets and free these children.

John B. Hallman


Deleted emails make me wonder what else Clinton did

Given Hillary Clinton’s actions in establishing a highly secretive email account for official State Department business, one is left to wonder what communications she may have had with foreign governments at or about the time they were making sizable donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Bet you won’t find these emails among those she turned over to the State Department.

Craig A. Reutlinger


In response to “We’re No. 1? Try No. 16 in the world” (April 10 Viewpoint):

Need for religion in a healthy society has been debunked

Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed piece on how poor the USA ranks worldwide for social progress – how a country serves its people – is not news for those of us who respect evidence instead of the conservative meme of “American exceptionalism.”

What the article failed to do, however, is to mention the strong correlation between good measures of social progress and less religiosity.

While correlation does not necessarily mean causation, the canard of the need for religion in a healthy society is clearly debunked.

Tom Rafferty


In response to “Bills call for Graham statue at U.S. Capitol” (April 7) and related Forum letters:

Don’t make same mistake that N.C. made with poet laureate

I’m not saying the Rev. Billy Graham isn’t deserving of consideration, however, has any actual authority of North Carolina history been consulted in this matter?

I seem to remember a certain recent choice for a poet laureate.

Keith Dennis


A reverent look at the Masters as seen from the ‘pews’

The cathedral at Augusta is described in reverential tones. In the congregation hardly a whisper is heard, and they are cautioned to hold still during the service.

The communion sacrament, surprisingly, is a pimento cheese sandwich and beer.

The deacon’s vestment is white trimmed in green.

A prodigal son returns seeking restitution. Hearts are lifted. Hearts are broken.

A new priest is consecrated each year with a traditional green robe. The closing day is Sunday, of course. Saints in heaven look down from above.

Watson Burts