Letters to the Editor

Kelly’s statements about Civil War were on the mark

Can’t hold Kelly to Civil War standards

In response to Our View “Compromise can be deadly, John Kelly” (Nov. 2 Opinion):

Your editorial completely misses the point. The statements of John Kelly that you quote are unassailable. The standards of today are not the standards in place before and during the Civil War.

Phil Lambeth, Charlotte

Reading between the lines on Manafort

Paul Manafort’s attorney’s public response to his client’s indictment is strange and revealing.

Rather than emphasizing Manafort’s innocence and leaving it at that, he goes on to claim that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Really?

It would seem the lawyer’s primary concern would relate to the innocence of his client, as distinguished from that of the president. So one must ask whom is he really representing? I have to wonder who is paying said lawyer’s fees.

William Cockrill, Davidson

Tax breaks won’t bring back jobs

The jobs that left the United States were in the auto, furniture, textile and related industries. The people who worked in these jobs think a tax break will bring them back.

They left because of cheap labor, and they will stay because of cheap labor. I worked in one of these industries. Why pay $20-30 an hour in the U.S. when you can get it done for $5 an hour overseas?

Rodney Black, Crouse

Want HQ2? Eliminate state income tax

In response to “Other cities are offering billions to lure Amazon, but Charlotte officials are quiet” (Nov. 1) and related articles:

North Carolina will not get any new business related to Amazon’s HQ2 because it continues to have a state income tax.

It affects the bottom line of these companies; it is cheaper overall to do business in Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, etc.

Gov. Roy Cooper should concentrate on that issue and he will roll into the office for a second term.

David Leli, Wilmington

My Blue Cross rate more than doubled

In response to “How much not having health insurance will cost” (Oct. 29) and related articles:

As a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage policyholder, I’d love to be getting a rate increase of only 14 percent.

Shortly after an Observer article about people unhappy with their 2018 rate increase, we were notified by Blue Cross that the monthly premiums on my wife’s and on my policy will go from $34.60 to $76.

That’s more than a 100 percent increase!

Geof Martin, Monroe

A double standard exists with terrorism

In response to “ ‘Act of terror’ kills at least 8 in New York” (Nov. 1):

Jibril Hough
Jibril Hough

The recent attack in New York was called terrorism almost immediately, unlike the largest terror attack in modern U.S. history in Las Vegas.

What was the difference? Someone heard the attacker say the magical words of “Allahu Akbar!”

What defines an act of terror? Is it the size and scope of the attack, the number killed? Or is it the race and religion of who carried out the attack?

Unlike the attack in Vegas, President Trump wasted no time calling this terrorism. His hypocrisy comes as no surprise, but the media’s double standard shows that racism and Islamophobia doesn’t begin and end in the White House. It is pervasive in our society – and dangerous.

Jibril Hough, Charlotte

Three reasons I oppose CMS bonds

Why I will not vote for school bonds:

1. The school system has not spent the bond money from previous bond issues.

2. The projects advertised are not equitable for all areas of the county.

3. A number of schools have been refurbished several times and are scheduled to be refurbished again.

Fred Johnson, Charlotte

Please, no sports complex on east side

In response to “Three new plans to revive Eastland Mall site emerge” (Oct. 27):

The writer is a long time east side resident.

The people downtown will not face the reality of the situation with the Eastland Mall site. Changing demographics on the east side closed Eastland and it will take a major demographic change for anything to be successful there.

We definitely do not need a sports complex. That only accommodates a certain segment of the population.

Keep on talking the same ideas and nothing positive will happen. I suggest selling it to Charlotte developer Johnny Harris.

Robert Alston, Charlotte