Letters to the Editor

Sure Trump’s imperfect, but look at all he has done

A long list of Trump accomplishments

In response to “Why would media praise Trump?” (Oct. 31 Forum):

Phil Clutts2015
Phil Clutts

Space precludes a full listing, but here are some accomplishment’s Trump supporters can cite: Gorsuch appointment, illegal immigration at the southwest border is way down, lowest unemployment in 10 years, consumer confidence up and stock market at historic highs, Keystone pipeline approved, veterans allowed private health care options, many burdensome regulations cut, TPP withdrawal, and NATO allies increasing their contributions.

Sure, he’s imperfect and can be crude and “unpresidential,” but he is fighting America’s slide into decline and, by the way, donating his entire salary in that effort.

Phil Clutts, Harrisburg

Too many beguiled by Trump tax cuts

Donald Trump talks about tax cuts for the “middle class.”

Thomas Strini
Thomas Strini

Trouble is, most Americans haven’t a clue where they stand in the economic pecking order. Too many erroneously believe themselves to either be wealthy or likely to become wealthy.

Feeling they are or will one day be beneficiaries of Trump’s tax cuts, they are ambivalent toward the argument, however true, that only the rich will benefit.

Until more Americans take the time to educate themselves about their economic reality, charlatans like Trump will win by crafting messages that make voters feel like the winners they are not, while politicians who simply point out inconvenient truths will find their message falling on deaf ears!

Thomas Strini, Mint Hill

GOP tax plan will save Trump millions

At a Sept. 27 rally in Indiana, President Trump said his tax plan would benefit the middle class at the expense of wealthy Americans like himself.

What a whopper!

Will Graves
Will Graves

Provisions in the latest tax reform proposal will save him millions annually. That’s peanuts compared to the benefit he’ll derive from elimination of the estate tax. It will enable him to avoid taxes on his entire net worth, estimated at $3.1 billion.

This plan is another example of the ever increasing disparity between the super rich in this country and its ordinary citizens, not to mention those locked in poverty. Shame on you, Mr. President.

Will Graves, Charlotte

Don’t repeal adoption tax credit

Where’s the logic in GOP plans to force women to have babies they can’t support while taking away the federal tax credit for adoptions?

Granted, no one accuses the N.C. Legislature of using logic any more, but they also keep trying to restrict abortions after ending the state adoption tax credit in 2013.

Lucille Howard, Charlotte

I understood what Trump, Kelly meant

The liberal media were so focused on President Trump’s “he knew what he signed up for” statement. Gen. John Kelly’s point was that a Green Beret is well aware he may die in service of his country and is proud to do so.

To quote an article on Conservativezone.com: “It is this fearlessness that allows him the ability to rise head and shoulders above his peers to the station of a Green Beret. He sees something greater than himself and is willing to give his life in defense of it.”

Russ Wood, Charlotte

Don’t conflate legal acts with illegal ones

In response to “Actually, Rep. Pittenger has a point” (Nov. 2 Forum):

There is one critical difference between Forum writer Cathie Bowers’ comparison of a hospital euthanizing “inconvenient” patients and abortion: Abortion is LEGAL.

Anne Vari, Davidson

Reassess danger of food truck gas cans

I’ve been driving on Tryon Street in the middle of the day lately and noticed that at least two food trucks have gasoline containers on the sidewalk next to their truck.

These appear to be 5-gallon containers, but should they be stored on the public sidewalk?

The purpose is surely to refuel the generators powering the truck, so most likely the fuel is dispensed when the generators are hot, which is not recommended. Does the fire marshal approve of this arrangement?

Also, should someone want to cause an incident, a readily accessible source of combustible material is at hand. Maybe this should be re-evaluated.

Paul Gubert, Charlotte