Letters to the Editor

‘Lock ’em up’ isn’t working. Try a different approach

Try fewer inmates, not more officers

In response to “Officer shortage making prisons more dangerous” (Nov. 9):

Here we go again, trying to solve old problems with the same old solutions. Do we really need more officers in prisons? Or do we need fewer prisoners?

Prison rates in the U.S. are the highest in the world. But we have out sourced prisons and prisoners to private companies who profit on both - a Prison Industrial Complex.

About one-third of prisoners need mental health facilities, not prison. About half need addiction treatment facilities. And studies prove many just needed lighter skin.

Our past solution has been “lock ’em up!” Could it be we need a different approach?

Joyce Lemmond, Charlotte

A smart woman who ran a positive race

In response to “Democrat Lyles makes history in mayoral win” (Nov. 8):

President Trump may have played a role in Vi Lyles’s election. But maybe it had more to do with Democrats choosing a smart woman who ran a positive campaign that offered voters a chance to vote for instead of against.

Rosalie Spaniel, Charlotte

Left-leaning Charlotte pols? Hah!

In response to Our View “Lyles delivers final dagger to GOP’s hopes” (Nov. 8 Opinion):

Oh, come on, Observer editorial writers! “Left-leaning” Democrats elected in Charlotte? Compared to what? Genghis Khan?

The day we see truly left-leaning politicians elected in Charlotte will definitely be a new one!

Araminta Johnston, Charlotte

Defending Trump’s reaction on shootings

In response to “Equal justice for all, Mr. President” (Nov. 5 Forum):

Larry A. Singer
Larry A. Singer

Did Forum writer Abdoul Camara just come out of a long sleep? Did he turn a blind eye on the sadness, anger and frustration with the Las Vegas shooting and the sympathy expressed by the president? Did he not hear or see the president express his intolerance for violent acts after Charlottesville from hate groups, including Anitfa?

If Mr. Camara is concerned with equal justice, he should be really concerned with the disproportionate number of murders by race in this city. He can’t blame the president for that.

Larry A. Singer, Cornelius

Please, GOP, act now on gun control

Bump stocks are back on sale. No federal legislation limiting them has passed. No legislative discussions have been held, and 26 more people are dead from another mass shooting using an assault-style rifle.

Republicans have control of Congress and the White House, yet nothing. It is obviously not important to them, despite the fact that what we currently have is not working.

I am one of your Republican constituents, yet it appears I will have to begin voting for Democrats for anything to get done on this issue.

Please be courageous and take a stand.

Kim Stump, Charlotte

Helms used false narratives to divide

In response to “A speech Jesse Helms never gave would have changed U.S. politics” (Nov. 5):

Ray Tyler
Ray Tyler

I was an ECU student when Jesse Helms was elected. I remember a conversation with a Helms supporter who adamantly denied that Helms ever used the campaign slogan, “He’s one of us.”

It was an early lesson in confirmation bias. People see what they want to see in candidates they’re emotionally tied to.

Now that I teach U.S. history in a local high school, I experience confirmation bias daily. Recently, a student recently told me that we don’t have a racial problem, it is all fabricated.

Few politicians did more to nurture false narratives that divided America than Jesse Helms. While he’s not the only politician to deserve blame for the current unwillingness of legislators to compromise, it’s fair to say his legacy includes this destructive tendency.

Ray Tyler, Fort Mill

Wish you’d spared me the Diddy news

In response to “Diddy won’t tussle with WWE’s Brother Love over name” (Nov. 8):

Thank you, Observer, for the ecstatic news about the Diddy. With all the other trivial news – North Korea, shootings, elections, etc. – it has been hard to keep up with the important things going on in our country. Surely we can all sleep better knowing that Diddy will remain Diddy and not become Brother Love.

Windy White, Charlotte