Letters to the Editor

Trump was a fast learner in China

On Asia trip, Trump learned to make nice

In response to “Trump places his bets on flattering China’s president” (Nov. 10):

So Donald Trump is making nice with a government he said was raping our country – China.

By his contradictory action and words, he hopes to flatter China into helping curb North Korea’s aggressive nuclear program. China’s help boils down to a simple question: What’s in it for them?

Can Trump offer China enough incentives to actively pursue a major change in its relationship with North Korea? I don’t think so.

Kim Jong Un has steadfastly said he’s not going to curb his nuclear program no matter what. It’s not like Trump to grovel, but he learned quickly on his visit to China.

Harvey Cohen, Charlotte

Pray that GOP finds guts to defy NRA

In response to “Franklin Graham: Don’t mock prayer” (Nov. 9):

Once again, Franklin Graham has demonstrated his utter lack of understanding.

Jack Hankins2015
Jack Hankins

There is no doubt that God answers righteous prayer, but God does not expect us to sit idly by while he does everything. We are supposed to be the hands and feet of Christ.

We ought to pray that Republicans find the guts to defy the NRA and enact sensible gun laws, and that the Republican-controlled Congress will stop talking and start funding mental health services.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

On abortion, put God’s will above polls

In response to “Majority supports right to abortion” (Nov. 5 Forum):

Forum writer Laura Reich writes that most Americans think that abortion should be legal.

I believe that some time in the past most Americans saw nothing wrong with slavery.

Rather than putting such value on the opinion of people, maybe we all should be thinking if abortion is within the scope of God’s will.

George Faile, Fort Mill

Trump’s taking credit for a bull market

In response to “Trump has boosted the economy” (Nov. 5 Forum):

Donald Trump has boosted nothing but himself. Under President Obama, economic growth hit 3 percent eight times, over 11 million jobs were added, the stock market hit all-time highs 127 times, and the market rose by over 11,000 points. Makes the moves under Trump look poor.

The real truth is that Trump is taking credit for a bull market he didn’t create. Markets move independently of presidents, markets move because of the world economy.

Trump has been blessed that the economies of Asia, Europe and South America have recovered, thus boosting the American economy. He just needs to keep from screwing things up, that’s all.

David Hyman, Charlotte

Term limits would bring long-term good

It is time. George Washington warned us, and it has come to pass.

As Washington suggested in his farewell address, if it is only two parties we want, let’s do one thing – impose term limits.

Business seems always to want “new blood.” Biologists warn about small gene pools, and we have put term limits on our own president.

So perhaps, just maybe, congressional term limits could provide that political mindset of doing what is long-term good for our great country, rather than what gets the party or individual short-term votes.

Coy Powell, Charlotte

A way to relieve officer shortage

In response to “Officer shortage making prisons more dangerous” (Nov. 9):

I agree with the concerns correctional officers have expressed. Our lawmakers are missing the big picture. It is not about money for the majority of corrections officers.

One way to relieve the officer-to-inmate ratio is to abolish mandatory minimums for first-time, nonviolent, victimless drug offenders. I have done extensive research and many states are doing away with these mandatory minimums.

Rita Capps, Whiteville

Some roads seem to get repaved often

Jon Schuller
Jon Schuller

I noticed recently that Ballantyne Commons Parkway was again repaved. That makes four or five times since it opened.

A section of South Boulevard – in truly terrible condition – may be repaved in the next five years, according to NCDOT, if I keep asking.

We have many miles of roads and streets to maintain, it’s true. But to repave the same road nearly every year looks suspicious.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte