Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.14.15

Democrats must challenge Clinton

As Hillary Clinton prepared to announce her candidacy for president, I posed this question to my Democratic friends – why do you support her? The general answer was “she’s a smart woman” and/or “she’ll make a good president.”

I agree Ms. Clinton is smart, but there are a lot of smart women around. She has a limited, and, at best, mixed record of executive service, from her time as Secretary of State, and no signature accomplishment to show for it. I would like to see the Democrats run multiple qualified candidates, with clear platforms and philosophies from which to choose. “It’s her turn” is not enough to warrant my vote.

Steven P. Nesbit


Let’s get the other Clinton back in the Oval Office

Being a conservative Republican, I have come to the conclusion that we can’t possibly produce a candidate to win the 2016 presidency.

I do have a plan that would possibly get this country heading in the right direction.

Have Barack Obama declare the 22nd Amendment unconstitutional. Put Bill Clinton back on the ballot. Foibles and indiscretions aside, Bill worked well from the center with a Republican Congress (they did balance the budget).

We wouldn’t have to tolerate Hillary, we could ignore the 34 Republican candidates and their 44 debates. Just make sure we maintain control of the Congress. Magical.

Dickie Benzie


In response to “What we’ve given up in Iran deal (April 11 Viewpoint) and related articles:

Make Iranians understand we won’t hesitate to protect Israel

Iran wants an atomic bomb and to wipe Israel off the map. They must be assured that any attempt to threaten our friend and ally will end badly.

We must make Iranians understand that their government absolutely cannot threaten Israel with atomic attack.

This must be a concept that is impossible to misunderstand by any religious zealots in the Iranian government.

William Reaves


In response to “Intolerance I see comes from gay advocacy groups” (April 10 Forum):

Christians aren’t the only ones with free speech rights

The fight with LGBT (groups) began with the Christians’ intolerance of homosexuals.

While Christians speak of free speech and religious rights, no one is stopping them from their right to believe in Christianity or their freedom to say “I’m a Christian.”

Their right to dissent about not making a cake for gays or marrying them does not outweigh anyone else’s right to dissent with Christians about their intolerance of gays.

Michelle Hargett


In response to “Population shifts and N.C. policies squeezing cities” (April 12 For the Record):

Business privilege tax should go; some towns abuse it

Patsy Kinsey provides the proof why the privilege license tax needs to be axed. It is abused by some towns.

Pineville will lose $550,000 with a population of about 7,800. Matthews will lose $188,000 with 29,000.

The tax is going because town governments like Pineville’s can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

Bolyn McClung


In response to “GOP bill would expand solar power in N.C.” (April 8):

Let independent solar energy producers sell to the public

The sale of solar energy to consumers by third parties (not Duke) is inevitable, as Ruth Samuelson said. What are we waiting for? Third-party sales would greatly increase the number of solar households, and decrease dangerous, dirty energy sources.

The planet is warming as we dawdle. There’s no time to waste – if we want to leave our descendants a livable world.

And yes, “critics” are saying that Duke is stalling to protect its monopoly business model.

Sally Kneidel