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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.15.15

Jim Plyler
Jim Plyler

In response to “Lawmakers may drop tool to fight developers” (April 14):

Let Dilworth protest petition be a lesson

The writer is a former Planning Commission member.

Neighbors in Dilworth used the power of a protest petition to win denial of a two-story office building and one-story drug store at Morehead Street and Kenilworth Avenue.

I am sure they’d like a do-over on that one.

The drug store and office building would have been a better use for that corner than the massive five-story apartment complex being built now – and allowed under current zoning.

Planning is for all citizens, not just a few highly vocal “not in my back yard” protesters.

When considering zoning petitions, City Council members should remember this one.

Jim Plyler


Scott was wrong to run, and Slager was wrong to shoot him

It made me ill to watch Officer Michael Slager gun down Walter Scott. They had more in common than you’d think: Both were U.S. Coast Guard veterans, one was a father-to-be, the other already a father.

But each took the law into his own hands that fatal day. Scott wrongly ran from authority apparently to prevent being jailed again for failure to pay child support. Slager abused the power of his authority by using unnecessary and deadly force.

Both were good men. Both were wrong in what they did. Now both leave their children without a father.

Kris Solow


In response to “Duke Energy hiked GOP giving” (April 12):

Duke Energy’s increased GOP giving could benefit Dems

Clearly Duke Energy and the Republican Governors Association are totally tone deaf.

But in today’s world of corporations as people and money as speech, that’s the way the old quid pro quo goes.

But Duke’s stepped-up giving to the GOP association could turn out to be the gift that keeps on giving – in this case to the Democrats who now have a wonderful issue to use when the former Duke executive, Gov. Pat McCrory, must “duke” it out with a serious opponent.

Morry Alter


In response to “Say no to carbon fees; we already have too much government intrusion” (April 13):

Carbon fees will be an intrusion – and a job killer

Taxing carbon will do nothing to help the environment, but will kill capital formation, job creation, and U.S. global competitiveness.

President Obama and his coterie of faux-green “progressives” will continue to wreck our economy and the futures of American workers under the guise of saving us from global warming or cooling – depending on the progressives’ flavor of the day.

Keith T. Brittain


In response to Our View “Don’t try to make sense of tax plan” (April 13 Editorial):

Where you see GOP tax plan chaos, I see Koch fingerprints

The Republican tax plan is far from chaotic.

It is exactly what ALEC wants – less tax on the rich and more tax on everyone else.

One would be remiss in not seeing that our Republican legislators in Raleigh are owned lock, stock and barrel by the rich and the Koch bothers.

Beware of the sleight of hand, the changing of the subject, and this idea that the Republicans don’t know exactly what they are doing.

Bob Harrison


In response to “City: Firing probe not public” (April 13):

City needs to reconsider way it handled Eschert, Dulin cases

The Facebook postings by Crystal Eschert and Jeff Dulin were considered insensitive and inappropriate.

However, did they rise to such an egregious level as to require these individuals lose their jobs?

I think not.

Both had been valued contributors to the Charlotte Fire Department. In a Feb. 22 editorial the Observer suggested the City take an alternate course – suspension, sensitivity training and a public apology.

Insensitivity at the top fosters a culture of insensitivity within the department, and the method by which the City has exercised its social media policy enforcement represents the height of insensitivity.

Patricia LaRocca