Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.17.15

Joe Copley
Joe Copley

In response to “Let Dilworth protest petition be a lesson” (April 15 Forum):

Protest petitions needed more than ever

Forum writer Jim Plyer is spot-on that Dilworth residents should rue their decision to protest commercial development at Morehead Street and Kenilworth Avenue.

Under the misguided notion that it is more important to have residents in a neighborhood than it is to serve their needs, Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood and NoDa are also suffering Dilworth’s fate: block after block of depressingly similar apartment buildings.

But the “lesson” is not that state legislators should do away with protest petitions. We need them more than ever.

The lesson is that we need to pick the right battles.

Joe Copley


In response to “Obama urges women: Demand fairness” (April 16):

Obama’s visit to Charlotte a waste of taxpayer dollars

The national debt is $18.1 trillion, yet it does not trouble this president, the Observer, or his handful of invited guests that he would fly a 747 and God-knows-how-many support vehicles to Charlotte to give a speech full of promises he has no idea how to fulfill.

Kent Ashton


Taboo about salary stands in way of paycheck equality

I believe the vast majority of men would agree that equal work should mean equal pay.

But truth be told, most corporations would rather you discuss politics or religion in the office than salary.

If you eliminate the secrecy regarding salaries any unfair disparity would soon be solved.

Until then, it’s hard to demand fairness without any concrete data indicating unfairness exists.

Eric Cable


In response to “Eight housing projects could get city funding” (April 15):

City faces shortfall; subsidized housing must take a back seat

The City claims to have a $21.7 million shortfall and is willing to raise property taxes, yet they are considering subsidizing 700 affordable housing apartments with $13.4 million they don’t have.

If any of those apartments fall under the federal Section 8 rent program that is a double-whammy for taxpayers.

Mario Moreno


In response to “Multimillion-dollar commercial tax loss” (April 15) and related articles:

City must do what rest of us do when we overspend – cut back

Contrary to what many writers believe, the money governments run on belongs to the people, not the government.

Further, governments don’t run short of revenue, they overspend.

They should operate by the same standards as those who pay for their operations do: When you’re spending too much, cut the budget.

Of course, many of us realize these tea party ideals are despised by the many writers who believe government is more important than those it is intended to serve.

Lewis Guignard


In response to “GOP leaders tout cuts on Tax Day’s eve” (April 15) and related articles:

Republican lawmakers didn’t do due diligence on tax cut

It seems our elected representatives in Raleigh have taken a page from those in Washington by passing a bill so they can find out what’s in it.

It doesn’t take a tax accountant to realize that a small reduction in the tax rate won’t make up for the loss of personal exemptions, as well as deductions for medical expenses and retirement benefits.

Unintended consequences of a bill promoted as a tax “cut” point to the need to more carefully consider the results of legislative actions before passing them into law.

Allen Hauser


In response to “CMS start-time stubbornness neglects students” (April 14 For the Record):

There’s no one whose focus is more child-centered than Clark’s

The writer is a CMS retiree.

I cannot totally disagree with Susan Plaza’s op-ed piece on school start times, however, a word of caution: Please do not question Superintendent Ann Clark’s commitment to children.

Ann’s intelligence, drive, and, yes, dedication and commitment for doing the very best for children are what every district in the country would love to have.

We in the community are truly blessed to have this far-sighted leader at the helm. Be grateful.

Priscilla Gaertner

Indian Trail