Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.22.15

In response to “Driver costs on the rise?” (April 21):

‘Junk’ fees not the way to fund roads

Why is the majority of the burden for subsidizing the N.C. Department of Transportation put on N.C. residents, rather than all drivers who use our roads?

We are not living on an island.

After streamlining DOT operations, establish a per gallon gas tax rate that supports the budget, versus over-taxing N.C. residents through all these proposed junk fees.

Rep. John Torbett’s proposal will not promote a proactive business climate in North Carolina. Between the proposed transportation legislation and changes to the state income taxes, N.C. just may become an island.

Thomas Uhl


In response to “McCrory stresses ‘urgency’ of bonds” (April 21):

Plow money from exorbitant tuition back into buildings

Sixty million of Gov. Pat McCrory’s bond package will go toward replacing an “aging” building at UNC Charlotte.

Would he explain where all the money from exorbitant tuition and fees goes, if not toward maintaining the campus?

Seems like bond money should be used for the good of the majority of citizens, rather than a relatively small group of science students at a school that receives millions in taxes and donations.

Steve Benson


In response to “Footage shows killings” (April 20):

Obama’s credibility as a military commander is shot

As the slaughter of the innocents by the Islamic State continues to escalate it’s quite clear that our feckless leader, President Obama, has no clue how to halt this butchery.

He lost all credibility when he shamelessly backed down after his red line was blatantly crossed.

This country cannot wait a year and a half for a new president to be elected. It’s time for Obama to step down or be removed and replaced with a proven military commander that our enemies will both fear and respect.

Herb Corday


In response to “Schaffer walks point on conservative social issues” (April 20):

Rep. Schaffer is so unlike most of the modern women I know

There is something inherently unlikable, untrustworthy about a modern woman who is neither independent of thought, life experience, nor living arrangement.

Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer does not represent any woman I know in my district, and I fail to see how her “expertise” will advance the needs of North Carolinians.

Sandy Blinkhorn


In response to “New tensions emerge in billboard war” (April 18):

Big donors will profit but public will lose on billboard bill

Most advertising is a nuisance that I can put up with because it helps pay for the newspapers and magazines I read, TV programs I watch, and ballgames I attend.

But billboards are different. They don’t do anything for me but destroy my view and turn highways into tacky, unsightly blights on the landscape.

Proposed legislation that will allow billboard companies to destroy more trees along the public right of way and cost taxpayers more money is another example of Republican politicians favoring the financial gain of big political donors over the interests of the people.

Dave Wiggins


I’m feeling pain of N.C. tax cuts across the border in S.C.

I live in South Carolina but work in North Carolina. I kept my withholding the same after the “tax cut,” and instead of a refund I owed North Carolina this year.

Doesn’t sound like lower taxes.

C.G. Kilburn

Pageland, S.C.

In response to “Clark pushes for literacy skills focus in upper grades” (April 20):

Lower grades need rock-solid skills, put money there first

The writer is a Randolph Middle School sixth grader.

One crucial point is missing here. Schools first need to make sure that literacy fundamentals for all students are rock-solid.

In language arts, students are building on previous knowledge. If their fundamentals are not good, their grades won’t be either.

My advice? Spend money on making sure students understand the basics, then work your way up.

Nikhita Nanduri