Letters to the Editor

Like living in the U.S.? Then apply for citizenship.

Tired of immigrant sob stories

In response to “ ‘It’s a heartbreaking decision.’ Immigration change leaves Charlotte families worried” (Jan. 11):

Paul Korry 2016
Paul Korry

I’m getting tired of seeing sob stories in the Observer about immigrants who have made a productive life for themselves and their family in the U.S. and are now faced with deportation.

Too many immigrants enter our country illegally, use our education and health care systems, and in some cases our welfare programs.

Some immigrants live a safe and productive life here for 10-15 years, but they fail to go through the process of becoming a U.S. citizen! If eligible, they should apply.

If you enjoy living in the United States, secure yourself and your family with U.S. citizenship.

Paul Korry, Fort Mill

Hard to go from TPS to citizenship

In response to “Temporary status means just that” (Jan. 12 Forum):

Forum writer John Coppedge might be well served to learn a few basics about Temporary Protected Status before telling those who have not applied for U.S. citizenship, “Time to go home!”

There are numerous requirements for retaining TPS status. There is no provision for attaining permanent residency.

Citizenship applications are limited to specific circumstances, including: marriage to a U.S. citizen, sponsorship by an employer if the person has a particular type of work visa, or a grant of asylum.

Each requires a daunting and confusing process with no guarantee of success.

I suggest an online visit to the Center for Immigration Studies to see the value these people bring to our communities.

George Anderson, Charlotte

Would all Norwegians be welcome?

I am a Norwegian who retired to the USA. Like most European nations, we have harbored refugees for generations. Norway has many people of color, people of many religious faiths.

Would President Trump welcome a born and raised Norwegian of color or a Norwegian Muslim?

If not, I guess the Norwegians wouldn’t be so welcomed and neither would immigrants from any other European nations. We must be all from “shithole” nations.

Severin Jacobsen, Indian Trail

Gerrymandering got Pittenger elected

In response to “Court ruling leaves NC’s 2018 elections in limbo” (Jan. 11):

Harry Taylor

Congressman Robert Pittenger says “Democrats can’t win elections, so they strategically go to liberal appointed judges to change the maps to give themselves an advantage.” That’s rich!

Pittenger is in Congress, and previously in the N.C. Senate, solely because maps were drawn to guarantee those seats for his party.

Political parties drawing election district maps is unethical, immoral and patently dishonest. If We the People hope to save our sinking democracy, we better get busy and flush gerrymandering before it’s too late.

Harry Taylor, Charlotte

Trump doesn’t owe us tax returns

In response to “Thank you, Mr. Trump, for making my retirement better” (Jan. 5 For the Record):

I have looked at the qualifications to be elected president per the U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, and Amendment 22, Section 1, about a zillion times and I still can’t find the requirement for either a candidate or elected person being required to release and/or otherwise publicly reveal their personal wealth (e.g., income tax returns) in any way, shape or form.

Thomas Hodge, Denver, N.C.

A stable genius? Actions say otherwise

The many corroborated stories of President Trump’s temperament demand action. He must be tested for his mental fitness for office.

Recently, he said he’s a “stable genius.” Judging by his lack of decorum, honesty, ethics, transparency, understanding of his job, the U.S. Constitution, and yes, his tweets, I’d say it’s time for Congress to intervene and clean out the stable. It smells bad.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

CDC nuclear briefing a waste of money

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will hold a public briefing on how to survive a nuclear attack. Please save our money. We don’t need to know how to survive a nuke attack! We need to know how to heal the addicted, help the homeless, use tax money more effectively, and educate children to opportunities using their natural abilities.

T. Lee Keene, Charlotte