Letters to the Editor

Charlotte has a reputation as a dangerous place

Crime rate affected Amazon’s decision

In response to “Charlotte out in quest for Amazon’s HQ2” (Jan. 19):

Anyone surprised by Charlotte’s failure to make the cut for Amazon must be living in a bubble.

In light of 87 homicides last year, two nights of violent rioting where a person was shot, and two rappers firing over 100 rounds in a shootout downtown, companies will be rightfully cautious about locating here.

Like it or not, these stories made international headlines and gave Charlotte the reputation of being a dangerous place. That’s a fact our new city leaders must face if they truly want to fix this city’s image.

Plus, the lack of top research universities, along with a general apathy toward the arts doesn’t help.

Kenan Sneed, Charlotte

Build part of wall first, then fix DACA

Instead of a legal immigration bill passed by Congress, “dictator” Obama created the DACA program. It was cruel and heartless to make illegal immigrants believe this solved the problem when Obama’s DACA policy was clearly illegal.

The first step in immigration reform is a secure border to stop the problem from getting worse. A reasonable approach is to build about 800 miles of wall in critical areas. Once wall construction has begun and enhanced security processes are in place, a DACA solution can be determined.

Bruce Moline, Charlotte

N.C. voters want fixes, not partisan flaps

In response to “Disappointed in state legislators” (Jan. 18 Forum):

Our state legislators waste too many of our tax dollars opposing partisan issues such as HB2 and court-ordered redistricting, and not enough trying to solve major problems such as the broken jail system, mental health system, affordable housing, homelessness, and problems with our education system.

When are they going to turn their attention to the issues that are most important to the voters?

Maggie Ricardo, Charlotte

Trump’s words were aimed at despots

In response to Our View “Trump’s cussing was not core of the problem” (Jan. 14 Editorial):

The writer represents North Carolina’s 9th District in the U.S. House.

Robert Pittenger
Robert Pittenger

Last year, I visited Congo-Brazzaville seeking assistance to prevent terrorism financing. President Nguesso was immaculately dressed at his palace in his Armani suit and alligator shoes, a repugnant contrast to the deplorable condition of his country.

This was my first thought when learning of President Trump’s comments about immigrants from African countries.

Yes, his reported words offended many, but were not directed against the people but toward the despots who rule and exploit them.

The president may be a diamond in the rough with his truthful diplomacy, but elite diplomats have left us a world replete with ominous security challenges.

Robert Pittenger, Charlotte

Trump demeans the office like no other

In response to “I’m thankful we didn’t elect Clinton” (Jan. 19 Forum):

Despite what Forum writer Cliff Passons might think regarding President Trump doing what the voters elected him to do, it’s my opinion that they also did not elect him to be insulting, racist, juvenile, and lie every time he speaks. This man has demeaned the office of the presidency like no other.

Richard French, Davidson

I want parity, limited terms for Congress

In response to “Maybe a shutdown would be good for us” (Jan. 18 Forum)

While I agree with Forum writer Frank Paul, Congress should have term limits and should have to live with the same medical plans, Social Security, and all the other laws we live by. Maybe then we could get them to represent the people back home!

Kay Don Kahler, Matthews

My health care costs outpacing all others

In response to Our View “Moving the wrong way on health coverage” (Jan. 17 Editorial):

I could not help but gasp when I read the line that said the cost of health care had “increased at one of the slowest paces in the past half century.”

When the Affordable Care Act first took effect, I saw my $200-ish monthly premium triple to just over $600. That $600-plus bought me a plan with a much higher deductible and larger out of pocket maximum.

The following year it shot to $900 a month, then $1,500, and now just over $1,700 a month.

There is nothing else in my personal budget the cost of which has risen so astronomically.

Bonnie Hiatt, Charlotte