Letters to the Editor

Shutdown a sign of Democrats pushing liberal agenda too far

Shutdown a taste of what’s to come

When the U.S. government is shut down over the interests of non-citizens, it is quite obvious that the diversity/multiculturalism agenda has been pushed too far in this country. What we are witnessing is a prelude of what is in store for this country if we don't immediately secure our borders and instantly move to a highly regulated, merit-based immigration policy. The clock is ticking.

Edwin Saint Sing,


Women should march as they please

In response to “Ivanka is role model angry women need” (Jan. 21 Forum):

Forum writer Frank Betts would like women to stay in their place, to cheer up, by golly, and react more positively to the news of sexual assault across all industries and institutions. To embrace a president whose response to a smiling woman is to grab her by her private parts. Basically, he is another man telling women what to do with our minds and bodies.

We are well beyond that now; the line was crossed long ago for we little women. What we should do, Mr. Betts, is what ever we are most comfortable with, from quiet determination to raucous defiance. I say: March on!

Ashley E. Council,


Eric Cable
Eric Cable

Women, pick an electable champion

In response to “Thousands who marched in uptown: 'Fired up, ready to go'” (Jan. 21):

My message to all those who marched in opposition to President Trump on Saturday would be the same today as it was the day after the election: If you want a female president, get a better candidate. Whatever happened to Condoleezza Rice? I’d vote for her in a New York minute.

Eric Cable, Charlotte

What do we need a dome for?

Charlotte needs a new domed stadium now more than ever.

We have the money, all it takes is the political will. I hope our new mayor and city council members will step in and provide the leadership necessary.

And if the recent weather doesn’t prove a need, I don’t know what will. Yes, build the stadium – and then use it to house the homeless.

We must take care of the least among us. The new Panthers owners can afford to build their own stadium, without government subsidies. The homeless can’t.

Garrett Nelson, Charlotte

Charlotte littering is out of hand

In response to “Charlotte usually isn’t this beautiful” (Jan. 18 Forum):

As one travels along our city and state roads, it is quite apparent that the issue of littering isn’t of concern to city and state leaders.

Fines for littering should be greatly increased and those who litter should be assigned by judges to work removing the litter from our streets and roads.

I intend to form a group of senior citizens to address this issue and ask that readers phone or write their respective elected officials regarding this needless onslaught.

Frank Harrington,


Charlotte wasn’t ready for Amazon

I am thankful for Amazon not coming to Charlotte. Although Charlotte has a lot to offer, our roads can’t handle the people we have now, let alone another 50,000 jobs and other related infrastructure and jobs that would be needed to support the new influx of people.

We are just now talking about adding a train line to the airport which could take 20 years to complete. This should have been done years ago. We still can't connect our greenways or add decent biking avenues. We have added some nice recreational facilities in the suburbs, but why have we not added more areas like Freedom Park? We need to get our act together before we take on an addition like an Amazon headquarters.

Walt David, Waxhaw

It’s time for legal marijuana in N.C.

Research on medical marijuana is needed, but I believe we know enough to proceed immediately to legalization for recreational use. Please note that I do not believe it is good for you and I am concerned about concentrated THC products.

Most educated people would agree that marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and tobacco, less emotionally damaging than hate and prejudice, and smoking marijuana is safer than playing football or owning a gun. Marijuana is most dangerous when in the presence of a blue light.

Legalization is the right solution. Many states allow pot consumers to purchase from a source not connected to crime. It is time for North Carolina to do the same.

Jeff Campbell, Concord