Letters to the Editor

I’m not surprised Amazon is staying out of Charlotte

Benne Hutson

What Amazon found lacking Charlotte

In response to “The dirty little secret behind our failed Amazon bid” (Jan. 24):

Keith Larson’s column makes a good point that Amazon saw through Charlotte’s promotional video. What he didn’t mention was what Amazon saw on the other side of the video – a city that just had a major race riot, elected local and state leaders incapable of working with each other (remember HB2 and the Charlotte ordinance that prompted it) and a city with the worst economic mobility of any major city in the country. And you wonder why we weren’t short-listed?

Benne Hutson, Charlotte

I’ll be on the ‘clean up Charlotte’ team

In response to “Charlotte littering is out of hand” (Jan. 23 Forum):

I, too, am a senior citizen and I’m raising my hand in support of Frank Harrington to join the group to address the issues of our city’s filthy streets.

As a native Charlottean, I can tell you it hasn’t always been this way. Count this as simply one of the many changes – and not for the better – in people’s values. Pride in community is a thing of the past. Somewhat funny and definitely perplexing with so many people claiming to be “greenies” these days.

Fining litterers and having them pick up litter is a good idea, but it’s not enough. All community service sentences should include a mandatory portion of time served to be picking up litter.

Let’s make a clean, beautiful Charlotte a priority again.

Terri S. Phillippi, Charlotte

Parents, own your role in education

Being a parent is probably the most important and most demanding job any individual can have.

There is no person who cares more about your child than you do – not a teacher, a school principal or a neighbor. Poverty may be part of the problem with education, but schools and parents need to work together. If you, as a parent, don’t know where to find the answers to your concerns, ask! And be persistent!

Parents are ultimately responsible for the health, well-being and yes, the education of their child.

However, please remember that you only have one opportunity to raise your child so that he or she will become the vision that you have for his or her future. It’s up to you as parents.

Carol Johnson, Matthews

Yes, I think liberals could be satisfied

In response to “Can liberals ever be satisfied?” (Jan. 24 Forum):

Forum writer Mary Smith asks if there is anything President Trump could have done on MLK, Jr. Day that would have been acceptable to liberals.

I answer: Oh, most definitely! He could have resigned.

Leonard Fox, Charlotte

Must we use such divisive language?

I keep hearing talk about “people of color.” I understand it refers to those who are not white. But when did white stop being a color? I think referring to groups of people by color promotes divisiveness, not diversity.

Rodger Parker, Huntersville

How to decrease health care costs

In response to “My health care costs outpacing all others” (Jan. 22 Forum):

Forum writer Bonnie Hiatt’s health insurance costs will continue to rise, as long as we allow 30 percent of those costs to be wasted on administrative overhead. A well-designed Medicare for All program can save money for 95 percent of households, reduce the size of government, and protect and empower all citizens. Demand that your representatives support HR 676 and S.1804, or expect to pay even more next year.

George Bohmfalk,


Barry Marshall
Barry Marshall

I had a surprising health care epiphany

Several months ago I was diagnosed with a serious illness and, although I consider myself financially comfortable and have medical insurance, I couldn’t stop from wondering if this illness was going to become too much of a burden for me and my family. Suddenly, on the way to the hospital I had a moral epiphany: Shouldn’t all human beings in this great country be entitled to some level of medical care?

Yes, I confess, I voted for Trump and want little government intrusion into my life. Please God in heaven help me; on this issue of health care did it take a life threatening disease to make me side with the Democrats?

Barry Marshall, Charlotte