Letters to the Editor

Single rail line, skeletal bus system won’t draw an HQ2

Can Charlotte be what Amazon seeks?

The lack of a major research university may be Charlotte’s key shortcoming in the Amazon derby. But the company has frequently voiced its preference for an urban setting with strong mass transit.

Brent Gilroy
Brent Gilroy

A single cross-town rail line and skeletal bus system probably wasn’t what they wanted.

Charlotte’s long-standing promotion as a city where you live in a detached home and can (must!) drive everywhere, with plenty of free parking, isn’t what cutting-edge, 21st century companies like Amazon seek.

But our land use policies are designed to create more of the same. Do we learn from that, and quickly make changes, or continue believing that what’s made Charlotte successful in the past will work just as well moving forward?

Brent Gilroy, Charlotte

Chicago’s homicides didn’t deter Amazon

In response to “Crime rate affected Amazon’s decision” (Jan. 22 Forum):

Forum writer Kenan Sneed indicates that Charlotte’s 87 homicides in 2017 affected Amazon’s decision. Is he not aware that Chicago made the cut?

Chicago had 650 homicides in 2017, an average of 54 each month.

Raymond Heffner, Rutherfordton

I’d like to see Dems’ grip on Meck broken

In response to “Southeast Charlotte could be key for Democrats to break Republican grip on Raleigh” (Jan. 25):

In response to the front-page article Thursday about North Carolina voters being able to break the Republican grip on the General Assembly, I say:

Wow – Please be fair and run an article about how the Republicans in Charlotte can take leadership back from the Jennifer Roberts/Vi Lyles/mostly-Democrat city council and the county commission.

But I doubt I will see that article in the Observer.

Kathy A. Taylor, Charlotte

Dreamers are a desirable pool

In response to “Trump: Some Dreamers could become citizens” (Jan. 25):

Just what exactly do we fear regarding Dreamers? If the U.S. is looking for more “merit-based” candidates for citizenship, why not look to the Dreamers?

The Dreamers are American-educated. It’s fair to say most are bilingual. Many are serving in the U.S. armed forces or are veterans, and others have higher-ed degrees.

What is so undesirable about this pool of potential citizens?

Instead of deportation, those who qualify and are fairly vetted as upstanding candidates could be fast-tracked to citizenship and not sent away to places that may be dangerous and/or completely foreign to them.

Regina Eger, Mooresville

GOP, beware of Putin’s cyber gang

Republicans are being shortsighted in ignoring Russia’s attempt to interfere in our last presidential election.

In 2016 the traditional positions on Russia were reversed, with the Democratic candidate being seen as the Russian hardliner and the Republican appearing to actually favor them.

In future elections the roles will probably return to normal and the Republican candidate will again be the more anti-Russian. Who do they think Putin and his cyber gang will be working to undermine then?

Donald Nelson, Charlotte

Pelosi is wrong about those bonuses

With the new tax legislation, over 1 million Americans have received bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, including many in our community.

Unfortunately several politicians have found a way to spin this positive development into a negative – most notably, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who described the bonuses as “crumbs.”

I’d like those naysayers to consider what that extra money means for hard-working families now able to buy a new pair of glasses for a child, visit the dentist, take a vacation, pay a doctor’s bill, , or just feel good about why you’re working so hard!

Doesn’t sound like “crumbs” to me!

Charles T. Clapp, Charlotte

Are we there yet? As a nation, I mean.

I ran across the following quote by H.L. Mencken, a 20th century American journalist and satirist, that should put the fear of Yahweh in each of our hearts:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Are we there yet? If not, we’re certainly moving closer!

Julia C. Bemis, Charlotte