Letters to the Editor

As a physicist and a Christian, I oppose offshore drilling

Climate change isn’t a ‘leftist’ issue

In response to “Offshore drilling would benefit N.C.” (Jan. 29 Forum):

As both a physicist who understands climate science and a Christian called to be a good steward of this Earth, I observe that Forum writer Keith Brittain is confused about the issue of offshore drilling.

Divesting of fossil fuels is necessary because we know we must move to renewable energy to avoid the onslaught that climate change is bringing even now. Offshore drilling will only delay that movement to renewables, in addition to the damage drilling might do to our coastal communities.

We are not leftist ideologues, but caring people who want to see our children and grandchildren avoid the calamities bearing down on us if we don’t change course now.

Ron O. Bryant, Norwood

Small steps to a cleaner Charlotte

I moved to Charlotte in 1974. I was amazed how clean the roads were, telling everyone that they were so clean you could eat off the streets. So, what’s changed? I think it’s the influx of people moving here. There are responsible people and, unfortunately, irresponsible ones.

It takes little time/effort to report litter and unsafe road conditions requiring attention. If you see road debris, a road sign lying on the ground, a street/traffic light out, pothole, or anything that’s city-county related, report it by calling 311. You can also report motorists who throw litter from their cars to ncdot.gov. Every bit helps to keep Charlotte beautiful and safe for everyone. Take pride in where you live!

Kris Solow, Charlotte

If you’re here illegally, what did you expect?

In response to “America had nothing for me, so I had to leave” (Jan. 28 op-ed):

This column made me so angry. Am I supposed to feel guilty or sorry for him and his family having to leave? They were here illegally, but I guess they don’t understand the meaning of “illegally.” What gives people the attitude that once they sneak into the United States, they can partake of all the wonderful rights true citizens are afforded?

Nancy Casey, Weddington

It is patriotic to advocate for change

In response to “NC man boycotts big game, will clean veterans’ graves” (Jan. 29):

NFL players who knelt during the National Anthem to raise awareness on police brutality and systemic racism have struck a nerve with Whiteville’s Brandon Patrick and others like President Trump who protest the protests.

Patrick and Trump are not even willing to acknowledge the issue Colin Kaepernick has raised. Why do they lie about the meaning of the protests? It’s not about veterans. Acknowledging racism means confronting uncomfortable truths. If we are truly patriotic, we will look truth in the eye and take action to change practices that harm fellow Americans.

A “love it or leave it” mentality keeps us mired in the swamp.

Margie Storch, Charlotte

Mary F. Englebert
Mary F. Englebert

There’s got to be better Republicans

Forum writer after forum writer expresses dismay at President Trump’s tweets, lies, style, and words but goes on to excuse all of these often-despicable things (including past behaviors), because “he’s trying to deliver.” Is the GOP so devoid of leaders able to get anything done while behaving, speaking, writing in decent ways?

Surely, somewhere in the millions of Republicans there must have been an individual who did not humiliate, lie, assault, lie, insult, lie, demean, lie, denigrate, and lie. If this is the best the party can find and support because “he gets things done” no matter how destructive many of those things are, perhaps it’s a party that needs to examine its values and search for new members.

Mary F. Englebert,


Charlotte still has some work to do

In response to “Amazon swiped left. How does Charlotte make things right?” (Jan. 27 Opinion):

Tiffany Capers is right. We still have some hard work to do if we want CMS to compete well against school districts in other parts of the country. But I would add a few other things that certainly played into Amazon’s decision to pass on Charlotte. We do not have a major research institution. Raleigh has three: Duke, UNC, and NC State. Don’t get me wrong, UNCC is a fine school. It just doesn’t have the scientific and medical research component that others have. Amazon also looked at rapid transit. Here again, we’re trying to get there, but we haven’t arrived yet. We can and must do better to put our wonderful city on the next list.

Judi Howe, Cornelius