Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.28.15

In response to “Newton happy and healthy” (April 25):

Don’t miss your graduation, Cam

Cam Newton was on the fence about going to Auburn’s commencement. If he hasn’t decided yet, here’s one man’s opinion: Definitely go.

Cam deserves the honor of walking on stage to get his diploma. He could have decided to not finish college, but he finished what he started. He sends the right message to all young athletes that education is important.

Cam, I respect your not wanting to upstage anybody. Let the valedictorian do his or her speech, but proudly walk with your class.

Richard London


In response to “N.C. ag-gag bill is an attempt to protect criminals” (April 24 For the Record):

New ag-gag bills not much different than the old ones

Powerful agri-business interests in North Carolina have again introduced bills in Raleigh to criminalize the efforts of those courageous individuals who attempt to expose the truly horrific treatment of animals in large “factory farms” in our state.

Do not be misled by statements that these bills are more fair and balanced than previous ag-gag bills that have been defeated – their intended purpose is exactly the same.

Warren Tadlock


In response to “Split N.C. House OKs longer abortion wait” (April 24):

There’s a pattern with N.C. lawmakers and honesty

North Carolina Republicans brought us that wonderful bait-and-switch tax cut and we end up paying more.

Now they say government intrusion creating obstacles to women’s healthcare “empowers women.”

Maybe N.C. House Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer can explain how lying fits in with Republicans’ lofty Christian Values?

Kelly Stevens


That 72-hour waiting period might be good for others

Ultra-conservative Jacqueline Schaffer thinks both pro-choice and pro-life women can get behind her bill to extend the waiting time to get an abortion to 72 hours (so the poor woman can think about what she’s doing).

I can hardly wait for her to come out with a bill setting a 72-hour waiting time to buy a gun (so the poor man can think about what he’s doing). Or do we just have another Republican double standard?

William D. Charnock


Not just about women’s bodies, but the life inside them

The outcry from the pro-abortion gang is strident, entirely predictable and sadly characteristic of the “Me Generation.” The laments of control over one’s own body and keeping government out of the issue ring hollow when there is never even acknowledgment of another life at stake, a totally innocent, totally defenseless life.

The most fundamental function of government is to protect life and property, and it would betray this mission if it did not take reasonable measures to protect the unborn without harming the mother.

Jack Watson


In response to “N.C. native approved as attorney general after a long battle” (April 24):

Thrilled about Lynch but outraged at Burr, Tillis

I was thrilled and proud to read this morning that Loretta Lynch, a daughter of North Carolina, will be the new attorney general. Not only that, the first female African American attorney general!

I was just as outraged to find that our Senators Burr and Tillis didn’t even have the common good manners to vote in favor of an enormously qualified woman who is such an honor to our state.

Jane Leighton Burts


In response to “Bishop cancels event on LGBT issues” (April 23):

Pope would surely frown on stance of Charlotte bishop

All the good Pope Francis has done and is doing is undone by the actions and words of Bishop Peter Jugis.

He does not represent the open dialogue that needs to happen in our city.

Mary Morey