Letters to the Editor

Stop wasting money on Project LIFT

Project LIFT is a waste of money

In response to “Despite controversy, donors pledge $6.5M more for west Charlotte schools” (June 3):

Why won’t people give up and admit defeat? Five years ago Project LIFT sounded like a good idea and promised high results, but million of dollars later the results were dismal. Why spend $6.5 million dollars for another year?

It would be sensible for both city and county leaders to examine the worthiness of long-standing programs. We need spending cuts if we are to give raises to teachers and police.

Philanthropists can throw millions away on ineffective programs, but tax dollars need not do that.

Ann Marie Lloyd,


Take workplace death seriously

In response to “Worker killed in fall at uptown construction site” (May 24):

This writer is the president of North Carolina AFL-CIO.

Juventino Mata-Hernandez plunged 19 stories to his death last week, leaving a 3-year-old girl without a father. Yet his bosses insist there’s no reason to think they weren’t abiding by “the highest safety standards.”

It’s not just an insult to Juventino. It’s an insult to the workers who are still being put at risk on the job. It’s a twisted attempt to ignore the workplace hazards that claimed the lives of 174 North Carolina workers in 2016 alone.

These deaths won’t be ignored. Working people are going to demand answers and secure the safety standards we need to ensure that each of us can arrive home safely after a full day’s work.

MaryBe McMillan,


Jon Schuller
Jon Schuller

How can we report dangerous drivers?

CMPD used to have an email link for residents to report violations on Charlotte’s streets and highways. I’d get all the information about the car, when it happened and the automobile description with its tag. Then I’d send it to the email address and CMPD would respond to the driver and/or owner. That email link has been discontinued and I’ve contacted 311. They passed me along to phone numbers but no one answers. There is now, effectively, no way for us to report dangerous drivers on a daily basis.

One of these drivers will cause a wreck or worse but our brave men and women of CMPD won’t know about them beforehand.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte

John Boehner doesn’t define the GOP

In response to “John Boehner: 'There is no Republican Party'” (June 3 Viewpoint):

John Boehner, John McCain and John Kasich should have joined the Democratic Party years ago.

Boehner was scared to death of government shutdowns, McCain was the deciding vote against the repeal and replace of Obamacare, and Kasich bought the entire liberal agenda.

We need strong candidates that will take a hard vote and help our president accomplish his campaign promises, not a bunch of clowns that are scared of their own shadow.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

What’s the traffic debt alternative?

In response to “ACLU lawsuit contends that revoking driver's license for traffic debt is illegal in NC” (May 31):

If the poor did not violate the law, the poor would not be in the position of paying for their crimes. Revocation of drivers’ licenses seems an appropriate punishment.

Would the ACLU prefer jail as punishment, or just that their clients receive no punishment at all because they’re poor? Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine. If scofflaws with unpaid fines can pay for gas to drive around...just sayin’!

Robert Lewis, Charlotte

Graham shouldn’t put Church into State

Once upon a time there was a separation of Church and State. Now, we have Franklin Graham with a caravan of his tax-exempt resources trooping through California to get evangelicals to vote Republican in the mid-terms. Sounds similar to Russian interference in our elections, but Republicans aren’t very likely to stop Graham, either.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Is Trump’s power really absolute?

The letter Trump’s lawyers sent to Robert Mueller implies that the president is above the law, which I find dubious. But, if they are correct, then we have a dictator and not a president. This, I find, is too horrible to contemplate.

I’m wondering when I moved to Russia.

Dewey Rochester, Charlotte