Letters to the Editor

Bill Clinton is a #metoo hypocrite

Bill Clinton owes a personal apology

In response to “#HimToo? Not for Democrats and Bill Clinton” (June 5):

Sam Roberson
Sam Roberson

I am sorry Bill Clinton, but apologizing to the world does not get you off the hook from apologizing to Monica Lewinsky. Saying sorry to the world did seriously cost your ego and reputation. Still, your public apology was about yourself.

Dignity and respect require your apology to the real person victimized by the President of the United States. You are not Donald Trump, but you have blinders on in this episode of devaluing another person.

Sam Roberson, Fort Mill

Lynx needs better communication plan

I am a regular commuter on Lynx. I realize that there can be occasional breakdowns and delays, but I think there should be a way to communicate that information.

On Monday, as I arrived at the South Blvd./I-485 station a little before 7:00 am, there was one train in the station. By the time I got to the platform, there was no train and the platform was crowded with passengers waiting and waiting. I finally went back to my car as I had no idea when service would resume.

With all of today’s technology there must be some way to communicate. There are loudspeakers on the platforms and a streaming message board. There could also be an app. We have weather alerts, traffic alerts, why not a train delay alert?

Sara Strickland,

Lake Wylie

Great assessment of the Atrium debate

In response to “Opposition to Atrium is about quality, not growth” (June 4):

Dr. Duncan Morton is precisely correct in his assessment and opinion about the situation at Atrium and the anesthesiologists.

These large organizations do not recognize the importance of building an effective and professional team structure. All too often this happens when companies merge or acquire other entities, only to dismantle the efficient structure that has been built up over the years in the name of cost-saving or standardization. It is shameful that health care organizations get involved with these questionable business practices at the expense of patients’ well-being and engage in an unprofessional debate in the public forum. These ads and radio broadcasts are not only embarrassing to Charlotte, but also can negatively affect the recruitment of top health care professionals.

Michael Williamson,


Help the homeless before greenways

In response to “Mecklenburg's plan for more greenways falls short of goal” (June 5):

When I see the number of homeless people occupying the greenway (take special note of the group of homeless that congregate near the clock tower at Kings and Morehead) I question Mecklenburg County priorities. Let us make greenways more appealing by first dealing with the homeless problem.

Allen Wolfe, Charlotte

Lowe’s setting example for others

In response to “Lowe's to ban paint stripper made with potentially dangerous chemicals” (May 30):

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s deserves public thanks for taking the lead in phasing out the sale of toxic paint strippers. It’s great to see a North Carolina based company put their consumers first. This is an added victory for families who have lost loved ones due to exposure to toxic paint strippers.

Toxic paint strippers have caused more than 60 deaths nationwide since 1980, with four deaths having occurred since 2017.

Last week, Lowe’s became the first retailer to announce that they would phase out the use of toxic paint stripping products.

Other top retailers like the Home Depot and Walmart should follow in their footsteps and ban these dangerous products.

Nwanne Agada, Raleigh

Would you call me an unpatriotic veteran?

I served our country with pride as a member of the U.S. Army over in the Middle East. I think of myself as an American, a soldier, a veteran. Part of the oath we took was to defend the Constitution and all that it stands for.

I can't help but find myself today wondering how I would be looked at by others. My belief is that I defended the ability for people to have peaceful protest; that our country affords individuals or groups the ability to stand up for what they feel is injustice. As a veteran, I feel I fought for their right to have players kneel during the national anthem! Does America now think I am less an American, less a soldier, less a veteran?

Brian Rhoads, Fort Mill