Letters to the Editor

No one around the White House table looks like me. That’s sad.

White House lacks diversity; that hurts

Sylvia Gaines
Sylvia Gaines

When looking at the evening news I feel so disheartened upon observing the White House meetings – no diversity, no one who remotely looks like me, a person of color. The group of people around the table looks like years-of-old. It makes me sad.

Sylvia Gaines, Charlotte

Trump’s immigration reform is sensible

In response to “A mother’s questions about the new U.S. border policy” (June 1 Opinion):

President Obama promised comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in office. Democrats could have passed an immigration bill without reading the bill, just as they did with Obamacare.

President Trump proposed immigration reform based upon four pillars. It should be a no-brainer – for progressives, a path to citizenship for DACA recipients, and border security, including a border wall, for conservatives – a win-win. Unfortunately, Democrats want issues, not solutions.

Parents could easily avoid being separated from their children by simply becoming legal immigrants.

Bruce Moline, Charlotte

Trump isn’t above the law, no one is

In response to “In tweets, Trump asserts he has right to pardon himself” (June 5):

I have been outraged by recent assertions by President Trump and his legal team. The idea that the president is above the rule of law is outrageous and a threat to our experiment in American democracy.

Citizens – no matter their political orientation – should be concerned. Fortunately, elected representatives take an oath to uphold the Constitution, not the president.

Dan Shaver, Pittsboro

Better to have the poor working

In response to “What’s the traffic debt alternative?” (June 5 Forum):

Forum writer Robert Lewis writes “Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the fine.” Justice certainly isn’t served when it’s acceptable for the wealthy to break the law simply because they can afford to pay fines, whereas the poor people better stay in line since they cannot afford it.

Citizens with a compassionate heart are not proposing that any lawbreakers go without consequence, only that license revocation is not the most reasonable consequence for minor infractions.

When poor people maintain driver’s licenses, they can continue to go to work and therefore be able to support their families and pay their taxes. That helps all of us.

Kerry Hogan-Hamer, Charlotte

Can’t pay the fine? Then pick up trash

If someone breaks the law but has no money for the fine let them perform public service. Pick up litter on designated roadways. The litter needs picking up and the person would serve as an example to speeders. Perhaps that’s better than simply paying a fine.

Sherry Williams, Charlotte

When I pay, don’t mix sports and politics

Mike Van Glish
Mike Van Glish

I purchase a ticket to a football game to watch the sporting event. I also pay to read the Sports section of the Observer. I don’t expect to have to put up with politics by athletes in either format. Both are infringing on my enjoyment.

There are many social media options for protesting instead of causing divisiveness at professional football games. In reality these athletes would be much more effective having meaningful dialogue to discuss the issues they seem to be so passionate about.

Mike Van Glish, Charlotte

Fair-weather fan wants to stifle speech

In response to “Politics shouldn’t harm Panthers team” (June 7 Forum):

In response to Forum writer Richard Martin and his hopes that Torrey Smith doesn’t catch a pass all season, I say, sir, please sell your tickets. You are no Panthers fan. You are a fair-weather person who wants to stifle one’s freedom of speech when you disagree.

Once that whistle blows and kickoff happens, the last thing these athletes think about or need is politics in the game. Enough.

Mark Willingham, Charlotte

Knock down a utility pole, pay the price

It seems like once a month or more, a utility pole is knocked down and the perpetrator gets away.

Why can’t the car’s registration and license plate be used to locate and charge the driver? Someone should be held responsible for causing residents to be without power. Someone knocked down a pole in winter and we were without power for 13 hours. Many of us lost food and it was cold in the house.

When a pole is knocked down there should be consequences.

Henri Rumph, Charlotte