Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.21.15

Jill Woody
Jill Woody

In response to “Senate advances bill that will discourage undercover workers” (May 19:

McCrory should veto ‘ag-gag’ bill

If Gov. Pat McCrory signs the N.C. “ag-gag” bill, our legislators will have successfully dropped an atomic bomb where they meant to shoot one bullet.

They intend to silence whistleblowers who document abuse on factory farms, but the bill’s reach seems to be so broad that it will have sweeping effects for all workers in the state.

This will be devastating not just for animals but for public health and safety, workers’ rights, and our environment as well.

Jill Woody


In response to Taylor Batten “Honest answers to a reader’s question” (May 17 Opinion):

Batten’s column laid out a principled path to live by

Thank you, Taylor Batten, for your excellent editorial. Years ago my husband and I read a book that advocated for living a principle-based life, and you articulated a perfect model!

Sue Loeser


Too many liberal solutions shun personal responsibility

Taylor Batten’s column was excellent and a cohesive argument for a logical determination of progressive viewpoints on the controversial issues of today.

But the significant omission was not addressing the perplexing conundrum of how does society manage responsibility for poor choices – not stumbles or exceptions, but repetitive and wrong-headed decisions, such as Luis Lang’s health management and insurance decisions.

The reason many people become frustrated with many liberal solutions is that they bring little to bear for individuals to be stimulated to make different choices: e.g., in education, health, children.

Critics will always rail against situations that do not support or reinforce their beliefs, yet it is just these public displays that help us all see the wisdom or fallacy of positions.

Richard McGregor


Saddens me to see political animosity continue to grow

In my considerable lifetime of 80 years, I have sadly witnessed a decline of being idealistic, expressing idealistic ideas, and celebrating humankind’s ability to be kind and sharing.

Your statements as to why you support a “liberal” agenda just means you have a kind heart, rather than a judgmental heart of “me against the ‘other,’” which divides us.

From far-away southern New Mexico, I salute you.

Violet Cauthon

Las Cruces

In response to “Duke prof responds after race comments go viral” (May 18):

Left doesn’t want to hear what Duke professor has to say

A Duke University professor is being pilloried by the liberal establishment for expressing conservative opinions.

This is all too predictable. I learned as much when I was at Duke. A podium and loudspeaker were placed outside on campus. Liberal opinions were listened to without interruption. Leftists would shout down conservatives.

My college years were my conversion experience, motivating me to seek out what liberals tried to keep me from learning.

Ironically, leftists refer to conservatives as “intolerant.” Liberals practice intolerance by stigmatizing those with whom they disagree. Political correctness is, in fact, a form of intolerance.

Philip M. Van Hoy


In response to Keith Larson “Go ahead and gamble; the liberals will rescue you” (May 20 Opinion):

Liberals Larson rants about acted out of compassion

Perhaps Keith Larson would be better served reading his Bible instead of ranting about liberals.

Those who helped Luis Lang were following the teachings of many religions by forgiving past mistakes and putting their compassion into real action. That is real religious freedom.

Larry Hansen

Mint Hill

Stop shielding people from consequences of their actions

Reading Keith Larson’s column made me think this, written by the English philosopher Herbert Spencer in 1891: “The ultimate result of shielding men from the the effects of their actions, is to fill the world with fools.”

Don Marple