Letters to the Editor

On RNC, Charlotte acted like an insecure teen

Charlotte is laughing stock once again

Always the insecure teenager longing for attention, Charlotte has now “won” the RNC’s 2020 convention by successfully bidding against itself – no other US city government would support an offer.

We are a laughing stock, just as in 1996 when we became the poster child for intolerance by trying to block performances of “Angels in America.” Just as in 2017 when we buckled to pressure rather than stick by our original rejection of HB2.

Now, in the guise of being open-minded and inclusive, we will host a narcissistic thug and his backers who reject the very values to which we say we ascribe.

Bruce McMillen, Davidson

Thanks to Dems who saw RNC’s benefits

Thank you to Democrats on the Charlotte City Council who voted yes on the RNC, putting the economic well-being of our residents above petty and divisive politics.

Supporting RNC 2020 is just good business sense. You may not agree with the brand or message of the RNC, in which case exercise your constitutional right to free speech and go out there and protest during the convention or at the ballot box.

The economic benefits outweigh any personal political opinions on either side and that is what city government is supposed to do for its residents – make unbiased objective decisions that benefit the entire community.

Robert Adler, Charlotte

Lyles should give RNC welcome speech

Ironic that Mayor Vi Lyles will fly halfway across the country at taxpayer expense to hear that Charlotte has been selected to host the RNC, but she will not walk three blocks to welcome them to the city in 2020. That’s a true politician.

Kenny Colbert, Huntersville

Trump let me down, but Lyles impressed

As a lifelong Republican, I was sickened by Donald Trump’s performance at the Helsinki summit, alongside President Vladimir Putin.

I would not be surprised to find out that Putin has compromising information on Trump or his immediate family.

In contrast, I congratulate Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles on her support of the RNC convention. It was the correct action to take and will yield significant financial and image benefits for the whole of the city.

I can only hope that the hard left will not be able to use her tough decision against her.

What a difference between the president and the mayor!

Edward C. Brett, Matthews

Trump, Putin meeting was a good start

Democrats tried to get President Trump to cancel the meeting with Putin. Perhaps they were afraid Trump would succeed.

Presidents Trump and Putin both said this was a successful meeting. No, it was not perfect, but it was a step in the process of building a long-term relationship.

We know what they said on camera, but we do not know what was said privately. President Trump all along has taken the path of talking rather than confrontation. Americans should be happy about this.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Helsinki meeting was a sad day for US

The writer is a retired Hickory police chief.

Tuesday we saw the results of a skilled Russian KGB officer in action. It was a sad day for America.

Floyd Lucas, Hickory

Aim ire at Congress, not White House

Early in my schooling I was taught there are three branches of government – executive, legislative, judicial – and they form a system of checks and balances on each other.

But now, the legislative branch has abdicated its responsibilities and lets the White House dictate policy – i.e., executive orders. Where is Congress’ backbone?

People’s dissatisfaction with government should be aimed squarely at Congress, not the White House.

Our directly-elected members of Congress are playing games while ignoring the wishes of the electorate.

Charles Newton, Charlotte

Richardson paid a price, let’s move on

In response to “49ers look into changing name of Jerry Richardson Stadium” (July 19 Sports):

After reading this article I concluded that anyone donating money to support our community needs to make sure they include a strong contract that prevents overzealous journalists from attempting to discredit every positive contribution after they make a mistake.

Jerry Richardson has paid the price for his actions. It’s time to bury the hatchet and move on.

Kim Misenar, Charlotte