Letters to the Editor

Pulling the rug out from under the RNC would’ve been classless, Braxton

Winston’s RNC vote, analogy off base

I take issue with both Braxton Winston’s recent vote on the RNC and his analogy defending it.

Julian Wright 2018
Julian Wright

Deciding at the last minute not to support a months-long city effort to secure the RNC is not like walking out of a restaurant because you don’t like the menu.

Instead, it is like inviting someone into your home for dinner, then getting mad at them for things you have known about them all along, and then telling them to leave as they arrive on your front porch.

Opposing the RNC coming here should have been done when our leaders decided to pursue the event. Pulling the rug out from under the RNC would have been a classless, regrettable lack of commitment to our collective word, not suddenly deciding we did not like a menu.

Julian Wright, Charlotte

But Trump shows no remorse for his lies

In response to “A lying president isn’t unprecedented” (July 19 Forum):

Forum writer Thomas Quigley cites President Obama’s “hypocrisy” in commenting about political leaders who lie, but misses the entire point of Obama’s remarks.

Obama noted that “all politicians lie,” but the difference is that in the old days politicians usually didn’t double-down on the same lie again and again.

Obama’s implication was that these days some politicians are shameless and without remorse about their lies and will even lie about their lies and walk back their walk-backs.

Guy Reel, Rock Hill

Democrats can’t get out of their own way

Immigration reform has the potential to be a big winner for Democrats. Nobody likes to see kids and parents separated.

But by calling for an end to ICE, Democrats are playing into the hands of Republicans who paint them as an “open border” party. Why can’t there be secure borders (no, not a stupid wall) and compassion for immigrants? And why can’t the Democrats articulate that?

Democrats keep coming up with sure-fire formulas for defeat at every election. The Republicans have handed them gifts with their handling of immigration and lack of fiscal and environmental responsibility. Take advantage of the opportunities and stop being stupid!

David Duncan, Fort Mill

I still wonder whose side GOP will take

As we get closer to the day when indictments are handed down for those who assisted Russia in the 2016 election meddling, whose side will Republicans take? So far, the “party of patriots” is clearly on Russia’s side.

With all the evidence available in the public sphere, it’s very clear what Russia did. It is becoming clearer by the day that Trump’s campaign was involved. And yet, Republicans in Congress have no interest in finding the truth, and no intention of trying to prevent further meddling. This is truly extraordinary.

Chris Porier, Charlotte

There are benefits to appointing judges

In response to “Keep our courts voter-owned” (July 19 Opinion):

Ann Ross
Ann Ross

While most, but not all, states elect judges, the US is nearly alone among nations to do so.

While it is still open to debate, there is great concern that election of judges opens this independent branch of government to greater partisan and monetary corruption. Furthermore, many think it important to insulate judges from the popular will, encouraging independence and greater protection of the minority from infringement by the majority.

Ann Ross, Charlotte

Speed up the construction at CLT

Sigh. Another visit to the perpetual construction site known as “CLT.” I travel a lot and find it sad that our airport is always a mess and traffic snarl.

As I write this it is light out but all I see is blocked roads and no workers. How about two shifts to get the work done faster? It would put more people to work and reduce the cost of expensive equipment sitting idle.

Seriously, something needs to be done to reduce the chaos and inconvenience.

Kerr Collins, Charlotte

Name change raises questions for me

Does the bad that a person does in his life erase or cancel out all the good he has done in his life? Also, if UNC Charlotte decides to take Jerry Richardson’s name off the stadium, will they send back the $10 million he gave them?

Ted Holland, Cornelius