Letters to the Editor

76 environmental rollbacks lost amid political circus

Rollbacks lost amid all the Trump chaos

Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner

I remember when the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969, which prompted environmental action. But according to the Harvard Law School, 76 environmental regulations have now been rolled back or overturned by the Trump administration.

We are being distracted by the daily chaos and circus of the current political climate, while the minions are in the background dismantling our future and putting our earth in jeopardy for the sake of current profits and the interests of those who control them.

Growth and the political ends of all the special interests will be of little value if the planet is unlivable. The environment and the livability of our world should be something that unites us all. Don’t you think?

Stephen Wagner, Charlotte

Here’s hoping for a 2020 Pence bid

I do not approve of the current administration in Washington, but I support the Charlotte City Council’s decision to bring the 2020 Republican National Convention to town.

The economic benefits to the area should be enormous. Also, the Republican Party was once a respected organization and might regain some of that respect by 2020.

Plus, the nomination of Mike Pence for president shouldn’t trigger the same street demonstrations as a second Trump nomination would.

Donald Nelson, Charlotte

Congress must stand up to the president

Mary Ann Evanoff
Mary Ann Evanoff

Last week we witnessed our president throw our entire intelligence apparatus under the bus when he accepted Vladimir Putin’s response that he and Russia did not interfere in the 2016 US election, despite the body of evidence reported to the commander-in-chief.

Outraged? Absolutely. Trump supporters and some in the Republican Party are still supporting him and absolving him of this sin.

Democracy may become a philosophical idea of the past. We must demand better of our country’s leaders – all parties. No one is above the law – party or president.

Congress, there is an old saying: “Put on your big boy/girl pants and do the right thing.”

Mary Ann Evanoff, Midland

Party loyalty is hobbling democracy

All the problems President Trump’s base and GOP supporters want addressed can be solved without making our allies and trade partners hate us.

We can’t give up democracy because of one person’s desire to be friends with a national foe.

There are many people, regardless of party, who can help solve the nation’s concerns, using humane, ethical and secure ways while maintaining the integrity set forth by our Constitution.

We need to find and elect these people to lead our country, with no regard to party loyalty.

Phillip Nowlin, Huntersville

Strzok has eroded trust in the FBI

FBI Agent Peter Strzok has caused disrespect for the FBI and shaken the foundation of an agency we have trusted for so many years to protect us.

He is an example of what we need protection from.

We have trusted the FBI to go beyond bias and personal beliefs to honor law and order. It is my hope that we can recover from Strzok’s betrayal and again have trusted law and order in this country that we can depend on.

Pat C. Sherrill, Cherryville

On immigration, I’m OK with equilibrium

In effect, an equilibrium has been reached: Many immigrants seeking better conditions have found sanctuary, but not citizenship, which to many is too much change too soon.

I think a lot of people don’t want to be cold-hearted to the desperate plight of others, but to accept big change, especially when it feels forced upon them, is asking a lot. You can have a scorched earth mindset if you want, but equilibrium may be the best we can hope for – at least for now.

Bob Denison, Charlotte

Spend more to protect NC’s elderly

In response to “We need to protect NC’s growing senior population” (July 19 Opinion):

My mother has been in three different higher-end, private-pay nursing facilities over the past four years. I filed complaints with the state about neglect and price-gouging, but little was done.

Thanks, NC Rep. Scott Stone for bringing problems in the elderly care profession to the attention of fellow legislators and the public. I hope that our state agencies will be better funded and work diligently to see that our elderly are protected no matter what type of facility they are in.

Donald L. Boyd, Charlotte