Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.22.15

In response to “The continuing education of John Fennebresque,” (May 17):

Fennebresque just isn’t up to the job

It is hard to doubt John Fennebresque’s good intentions.

However, effective leaders first hone their vision and then communicate it broadly to gain support.

I am certain Gov. Pat McCrory is correct in his belief that there will be profound changes needed, and coming, with all university systems in the next decade. But I’m not sure Mr. Fennebresque is the right person to lead the change.

The bitter irony is that a seemingly capable UNC president has been ousted by a questionably capable chairman of the Board of Governors.

Mike Rains


In response to “Legislator mixes private legal work with state policy” (May 20):

Hartsell seems blind to mixing politics, his private legal work

So Rep. Fletcher Hartsell doesn’t see anything wrong with making legislative decisions on matters in which he has a personal interest in the outcome.

Perhaps teachers would like to make decisions on their raises. Students might be interested in deciding their grades. Defendants surely would prefer to adjudicate their own cases.

If Mr. Hartsell can’t see anything wrong here, it isn’t the fault of the “People, in the papers, all these other folks, (making) all these allegations.” It’s because he has a problem with his “sight.”

Mary F. Englebert


In response to “Toll lane opponent: DOT ignored best free-lane option” (May 21):

N.C. erred when striking deal on I-77 with troubled Cintra

It is incredible to me that N.C. DOT continues to push a toll road that is doomed for failure before it starts.

I would love to see the list of road projects planned for the next 10 years that are more important than this stretch of I-77.

The Cintra contract was awarded to a company that has had two brushes with bankruptcy in the U.S. and missed financial obligations twice on this contract, but the brainiacs in our government ignored the $12 million penalty clause.

The Raleigh contingent continues to screw with this area. When is enough enough?

David Pope


In response to “Proposal seeks to dim NYC skyline at night,” (May 17):

Save the birds, Charlotte; dim the night skyline like NYC does

Now that the National Wildlife Federation has certified Charlotte as a wildlife-friendly city it’s time to take this one step further and join New York City in dimming our skyline at night during bird migration.

As part of its Lights Out program, Mecklenburg Audubon has collected hundreds of dead birds in the heart of our city since 2012, supporting the claim that building collisions are second only to habitat destruction in human-related causes of bird mortality.

Now that we’re improving habitat, let’s cut out the lights too.

Ken Kneidel


In response to “Court of Appeals rejects school board’s request” (May 16) and related articles:

Legal bills adding up; time for compromise in Union County

The financial fiasco between the Union County school board and Union County commissioners seems to be costing taxpayers more than anyone else.

Now, the school board is considering taking the case to the N.C. Supreme Court.

Back to court? The case has already cost taxpayers almost $2 million. The two boards should try to work out a solution that would be beneficial to both parties without going to court again and costing taxpayers even more.

Union County taxpayers deserve this.

Herb D. Joyner


Sharing some good news about a high poverty school

The writer is a Statesville Road Elementary ESL teacher.

I am so proud of the students and families at Statesville Road Elementary, which is in the Project Lift zone.

Although it is a high poverty school, everyone at our school showed how much they care about others suffering from leukemia by raising over $3,100 for Pasta for Pennies.

We often hear about unfortunate occurrences at our schools, but this was a very positive experience.

Esther Abdel-Hameed