Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.25.15

Protect whistleblowers, not companies

I am absolutely appalled that our legislature passed a bill that will punish whistleblowing.

I just saw an ad on TV that said that 74 percent of N.C. residents oppose this bill, but our legislature passed it anyway.

Call me crazy, but I think our government should be worried about protecting the public instead of protecting companies that are breaking the law.

Force the companies to clean up their acts; don’t attack truth-telling and hide everything from the public.

Veto House Bill 405, Gov. McCrory.

Sarah Booth


In response to “Stressed-out travelers get pooch perks at CLT airport” (May 19):

Therapy dogs are the last thing Charlotte’s crowded airport needs

If there is anything to discourage me from ever again using CLT, it is the presence of “therapy dogs” in addition to all the usual deterrents: parking difficulties, crowded planes and terminals, security procedures, costly tickets, etc.

What are you thinking?

I am stressed out enough without having to stumble over dogs, in addition to the necessary baby strollers, toddlers, walkers (the mechanical ones), luggage, and who knows what else.

We do not need any additional non-traveling bodies of any kind in the terminal.

If you need therapy, get it before flying – for security reasons if nothing else.

Mary Hulen


I-77 drivers held hostage by politics, ignorance; make tolls universal

As a veteran RV’er I have visited many states with tolls. A toll worker in Illinois once told me, “Let those passing through pay for your roads.” Bingo!

If every I-77 lane were included – not just a proposed prestige lane – monies for roads could be realized sooner.

Those traveling I-77 between Charlotte and Statesville are being held hostage by ignorance and politics.

Patrick Morgan


So few protect so many. Today of all days, give thanks for those who serve.

We can’t see them, but standing next to every soldier, sailor, Marine, member of the Air Force and Coast Guard are those on all the bases, all the ships, in all the planes, in every foreign outpost, and those in every national cemetery, overseas military cemetery, all the MIAs, and those whose stone reads Unknown.

God, please protect all those who protect us.

Ed Mesko


In response to “We Muslims won’t ‘stay away’” (May 17):

There’s no need or place for prayer of any kind at government meetings

I agree wholeheartedly with almost everything Duston Barto wrote, however when he asks “What is so wrong with the universal prayer I often use in mixed groups?” I have a question for him:

What is wrong with no prayer at all?

He is referring to a government meeting, not a church, synagogue or mosque gathering. There is no need or place for prayers of any kind.

This approach would protect the rights of those who don’t accept any religion’s fairy tales.

Gerald K. Colbert


It’s time for Obama to rethink his vow not to send troops back into Iraq

When Barack Obama was a senator he voted against going to war in Iraq because he felt it would upset the balance of power in the Middle East and create chaos between the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

He was absolutely right at that time.

Today, as the city of Ramadi has fallen into the hands of ISIS, perhaps it is time to rethink not ever sending American troops into Iraq.

I totally agree with Obama that war is horrible, but sometimes it becomes an unavoidable last choice.

Barry Marshall


In response to “Go ahead and gamble; the liberals will rescue you” (May 20 Opinion):

Finally, a view I can agree with; Keith is right about personal responsibility

Thank you, Keith Larson, for articulating so diplomatically the sentiments of so many of us. We have the opportunity to make our own choices and thus bear the responsibility for those choices. Period.

Larson’s op-eds are always refreshing. Keep them coming.

Gail Halverson