Letters to the Editor

CMS’s latest shot landed in the bunker

CMS followed 1 bad move with another

NUEdwin Peacock
Edwin Peacock

In response to “CMS plays hardball with suburbs on building plans” (Aug. 29):

As I read the stories regarding CMS’s response to HB514 with their passing of the Municipal Concerns Act, it reminded me of some sound golfing advice attributed to golfer Jack Nicklaus: Don’t follow a bad shot with a stupid shot!

I just hope CMS plays its ball back from the bunker it is now in and prays for a bogey at best!

Edwin Peacock, Charlotte

NC leaders ruthlessly hurt public schools

Jennifer Bourne
Jennifer Bourne

In response to Our View “A reckless school board tries to bully the suburbs” (Aug. 30 Editorial):

The Observer editorial asserts that “We’ve always believed that all parts of the school system need to work, or at least exist, together.”

Make no mistake, what you are referencing is the continuing assault by the more financially and politically affluent citizens in our county against the public school system that seeks to serve all children.

HB514 was approved by a legislative body that is ruthlessly content to let the masses – low-income students, their families, and the schools and educators that serve them – decline.

Charter schools are privatized efforts that are bankrupting the 75 percent who attend county schools.

Jennifer Bourne, Charlotte

Eliminate celibacy rule to stem abuse

In response to “How we can rebuild trust in the clergy” (Aug. 19 Opinion):

Dear Catholics: Drop the 800-year-old, non-biblical and senseless celibacy requirement for your clergy and you will get clerics who are psychologically better prepared to minister, rather than abuse, their congregations.

Deems Wilson, Charlotte

Free speech valued just as much in Israel

In response to Kevin Siers “Brilliant satire - or hateful toon?” (Aug. 21 Opinion):

The writers represent the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte.

While Kevin Siers raises several legitimate arguments about the firing of cartoonist Avi Katz from the Jerusalem Report, his conclusion, “By being fired for criticizing his government, Katz proves the cartoon’s point, as an illustration of a slide into authoritarianism,” presents an inaccurate reflection of Israel.

As the only democracy in the Middle East, political debate is robust and legal in Israel and, as in the US, Israeli media is outspokenly critical of the government, elected officials and legislative decisions, including the Nation State Law referenced in Siers’ article. Siers’ correlation between Mr. Katz’s dismissal and authoritarian rule, is an inaccurate depiction of the nature of Israel’s government and the value its citizens and the government place on free speech.

Susan Worrel and

Laurel Grauer, Charlotte

Don’t let NC GOP tilt balance of power

Bob Kirby
Bob Kirby

In response to “Cooper back to trial court seeking to block 2 amendments” (Aug. 30):

If NC Republicans thought they could win a free and fair election, they wouldn’t be doing everything in their power, right or wrong, to tilt the balance in their favor.

The courts have been the last remaining defense against the illegal actions of the Republican legislature to serve its own purpose, and it behooves voters to remove them from office beginning in November, rather than let them stack the courts to endorse their devious desires at the expense of democracy.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Who represents America at its best?

NFL players kneel to raise awareness of widespread injustice, seeking to make America greater by forcing us all to face a systemic problem that is costing us young lives.

President Trump resists releasing a tribute to a decorated war veteran, Sen. John McCain, and resists flying the flag at half-staff to honor McCain. Trump’s actions arise from his pettiness, not any noble justification.

So who better represents America at its best; the NFL players who act out of principled concern for others, or a president who bristles at any perceived slight, attempts to bully all who disagree with him, and cares only about his own image?

Arnie Cann, Charlotte

Trump should be suing the media

President Trump, I wish you would consider instigating a few lawsuits charging libel. News outlets printing or airing false, damaging information regarding character or reputation are guilty of libel and should be held accountable and sued.

I am totally sick of the daily onslaught, be it overt or subliminal, from mainstream media and I think it’s time to put a stop to it.

Thank you for your service to our country.

Marie Wilkinson, Charlotte