Letters to the Editor

CMS board trying to take away school choice

CMS board’s latest ploy will backfire

Jim Van Meerten

When the predominately Democratic CMS school board passed the Municipal Concerns Act of 2018 it was a declaration of war against children of the predominately Republican suburbs.

CMS board members have put personal politics ahead of the educational concerns of the children they were elected to represent. Education should never be about who controls the schools, but should be focused on parents wishes for their children’s education.

There is plenty of room for public, charter, private and parochial schools in a county as large and diverse as Mecklenburg. The board’s attempt to take away school choice from the parents will backfire.

Jim Van Meerten, Charlotte

A thinly veiled attempt to segregate

The CMS board should not have acted out of frustration in the face of a thinly veiled attempt to create more segregated schools. For years, these towns have talked about breaking away, but it was too expensive to buy the CMS property so they did an end-run.

In the last 20 years CMS has built the following schools in the north: Mallard Creek, Hopewell, Barnette, Bradley, new Davidson, new JM Alexander, Hough High, JV Washam, Bailey, and expanded North Meck High.

This isn’t about not having new schools. It is about keeping the area separate from CMS and diversity. The unchecked growth and historical red-lining has kept our area segregated and the NC legislature has created more.

Linda Steber, Davidson

This is not who we are, North Carolina

I used to be proud to be from North Carolina. I was born in Charlotte when it was a city without an identity. I grew up when Muggsy Bogues and Hugh McColl put us on the map. I was proud to be from a state with a scrappy spirit and southern hospitality.

I’ve moved away and come back. But now, I’m ashamed. We are on the map because of bigotry and riots and civil rights violations and racism and classism and power-hungry state legislators.

This is not who we are. I urge Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr to do one thing that will put them on the right side of history: Stand up to an ego-maniacal administration instead of lending credence to it.

Jenn Grabenstetter, Charlotte

I’d ask Kavanaugh these 2 questions

In response to “Kavanaugh, senators prep for marathon confirmation hearing” (Aug. 31):

Only two questions need to be asked of US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Do you believe that abortion should be allow to save the life of a woman? Do you believe that contraceptives cause abortion?

E.T. Shafer, Charlotte

Mexico won’t forget Trump’s cruelty

There is a meanness, in President Trump’s oratory regarding our southern neighbors that is outside the boundaries of humane treatment of others.

To insult a people in a no-holds-barred fashion, to trumpet the need for a physical barrier to keep out the despicable, and then to threaten to have the despicable themselves build this barrier is like making a people eat it after having had their noses rubbed in it.

This is plain cruelty and will not be forgotten or forgiven by Mexicans. In matters of this kind, I believe, you get only one chance. Apologies or excuses will be to no avail.

David Sohn, Charlotte

NRA played a role in rise of mass shootings

In response to “NRA not responsible for gun violence” (Aug. 29 Forum):

In Forum writer Larry Singer’s defense of the NRA, he makes the claim that none of the shooters in mass killings have been NRA members. The NRA guards its membership list to the point that the public has no idea how many members it has, let alone who they are.

I could just as easily claim that all of the killers have been NRA members – there is not a shred of proof one way or the other.

I would also argue that his statement that “NRA members aren’t supporters of mass killings” is false. Political pressure from the NRA is the reason that civilians are allowed to own military-style weapons like those used in mass killings.

Steve Larson, Charlotte

Farewell, Doug, the world will miss you

In response to “ ‘OutFront Guy’ dead at 75” (Aug. 30):

As a proud recipient of an OutFront University T-shirt and the long-time Marion, NC Bureau Chief of OutFront, I was deeply saddened to read on Thursday’s front-page of the passing of OutFront Guy, Doug Robarchek.

And yet, after seeing his column moved around and its format often change over the years, from vertical sidebar to above-the-fold horizontal, I imagine Doug is now smiling somewhere, and yelling in his best James Cagney accent, “Made it, Ma! Top of the World! Finally made to the front page.”

John Whittemore, Marion