Letters to the Editor

NC lawmakers leave both sides fighting for education scraps

Bigger issue is underfunded schools

Cheryl Milam
Cheryl Milam

The conflict between CMS and the Brawley bill supporters misses the larger issue here, and that is the woefully underfunded public education systems in North Carolina.

If there were adequate funds for building schools in high growth areas and adequate funds for providing the resources needed in high poverty schools, the two sides in this conflict wouldn’t be fighting for scraps.

Instead of tearing our community further apart, both sides should be focused on pressuring the NC legislature to provide the facilities and resources our children need and deserve.

Cheryl Milam, Huntersville

Moderates must begin to speak out

With mid-terms approaching, it is apparent that the far left and far right will continue to dominate primary elections.

This means the majority of us will be forced to choose between the lesser of two evils and the bitter partisan politics of the past will continue with a government incapable of moving forward on the more pressing issues facing our nation.

Whose fault? In truth, it is the fault of those of us who are the moderates on both sides of the political spectrum. We have been either too complacent or too afraid to speak up.

Consequently, we have abandoned the government to those spewing hate and intolerance. It’s time for moderates to regain control of their parties. November is approaching, let’s make our voices heard!

Michael Botterweck, Morganton

Seems Democratic Party has lost its way

Rodger Parker
Rodger Parker

Fifty years ago, there was not much difference between the two political parties. Democrats and Republicans wanted to get to the same place, preserving our capitalistic way of life.

Over time, the Democrats started moving more away from capitalism to socialism, making which road to take a moot point.

Today, the two destinations have each party lining up for one against the other. This has divided our country in ways not seen since the Civil War.

Hopefully, this time the civil war will only be fought at the ballot box.

Rodger Parker, Huntersville

Hosting RNC was a good move for city

I spent a lot of time in airports last week going to New York and as usual talking to strangers. Each and every one mentioned how progressive Charlotte has become, noting our bid for the RNC by a Democratic mayor.

Thank you, Mayor Vi Lyles.

John B. Hallman, Charlotte

Walking in Charlotte is risky; fix that first

In response to “Electric scooters more popular than shared bikes in Charlotte” (Aug.29):

The writer is director of of BikeWalkNC.org.

Terry Lansdell
Terry Lansdell

The wave of personal electric vehicles is here and more are coming. We need to focus on reducing pedestrian fatalities at the hands of careless drivers and better enforce existing motor vehicle regulations designed to protect people.

The perception is that cycling and riding wheeled vehicles is unsafe, but the reality is that walking in Charlotte is one of the riskiest things you can do. Let’s fix that first!

Terry Lansdell, Charlotte

I smell a rat, dig deeper on I-77 tolls

After reading historian and engineer Henry Petroski’s revealing book “The Road Taken: The History and Future of America's Infrastructure,” I think we might be able to clean up the I-77 toll road mess by taking a different approach. Let us take a closer look at how the cost has been and is being handled. Who pays whom and for how long? And be sure not to just look at sums.

I smell a rat.

Erich-Oskar Wruck, Davidson

Some of us were proud of Silent Sam

In response to “At UNC, deciding not to wait for change (Aug. 22 Editorial):

I am a 1948 graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. At that time most of the students were veterans of the recent war and were most interested in getting an education – not getting involved in childish protests.

You are incorrect when you state that Silent Sam was a monument to racism. He was a reminder that ancestors of the War Between the States, like me, are proud of our heritage. To continue pandering to some minority groups makes no sense.

W. Frank Hardage, Waxhaw

Silent Sam, D.C. monuments not alike

In response to recent Forum letters: Washington’s and Jefferson’s monuments were not created to celebrate their involvement in slavery. Silent Sam’s and Robert E. Lee’s were.

Rod Skaggs, Claremont