Letters to the Editor

President Trump has done great things for our country

Trump’s feats speak for themselves

In response to “Trump wrong about Lake Norman’s status” (Sept. 1):

Why did you put on the front page that President Trump said Lake Norman was the largest man-made lake, and that he was wrong?

So what?

Where is the news about a strong economy, record stock market, lowest unemployment in decades, and tax cuts with a result of larger paychecks.

But no, you have to put down this president. I don’t care what he says, I care about what he’s doing and that’s making America great again!

Greg Simpson, Tega Cay

Voter turnout more important than ever

It is imperative that NC voters turn out for this midterm election in November.

For six years, the current legislature has deprived this state of proper representation in Congress. Our congressional districts have been gerrymandered by a certain party so that its candidates are elected, which has been ruled unconstitutional.

Our democratic system has been rigged and this unlawful behavior should be corrected so all people are represented equally.

Judy Amick, Matthews

Democracy should not be rushed

Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis should refuse any vote on Brett Kavanaugh until all documents from the Bush era are produced and reviewed thoroughly.

There is a real possibility that the US Supreme Court will be asked to rule on questions that will affect the core of our democracy and whether or not the president is above the law. Kavanaugh has shown a distinct bias in this regard.

This justice will define this court as a fair and balanced group, or as just another weapon of the far right.

Also, in accordance with Mitch McConnell’s refusing to allow a vote or even consideration of President Obama’s pick, no vote should occur until January when the voters have spoken.

Janet Edwards, Pineville

The Republican party is to blame

In response to “Seems Democratic Party has lost its way” (Sept. 3 Forum):

Tom Rafferty 2017
Tom Rafferty

No, Forum writer Rodger Parker, it was the Republican Party that went down the wrong path. It was hijacked by the fundamentalist religious and alt-right xenophobes and racists. President Trump and Fox News are both its effect and the reason this cancer is spreading.

Tom Rafferty, Charlotte

Jobs decline as immigration rises

In response to Our View “It’s Labor Day: Tell us if you’ve read this before” (Sept. 3 Editorial):

The US population has increased by approximately 77 million people from 1990 to now. The primary cause of this growth has been immigration, both legal and otherwise, and the majority of immigrants immediately entered the labor force upon arriving here.

The effect upon the labor market and the resultant impact on wage rates for those without higher education is readily apparent to those with an understanding of supply and demand. The most effective way to improve the lives of American workers would be to limit the increase in the number of individuals with whom they compete.

William Anderson, Concord

Our right to vote can’t be hindered

In response to Desiree Zapata Miller “Where are all the voters without ID?” (Sept. 1 Opinion):

The difference between the tasks listed by Desiree Zapata Miller and voting is that none of them is a constitutionally protected right.

The right to vote is. Our constitutional rights should not have barriers applied that limit our equal access. Voting fraud has been shown to be practically nonexistent, and even then usually unintentional.

If this unnecessary law prohibits even one citizen from exercising his rights it should be defeated.

Comparing an individual’s violation of the law with the state’s regulatory restriction of a constitutional right is a false equivalence. Neither should be tolerated, but denial of any citizen’s rights by the state should be abhorred by a free society.

Let’s protect the integrity of the Constitution.

Stephen Valder, Charlotte

Voter ID explained as it should be

Finally, the Observer publishes an op-ed column with a rational understanding of voter ID. Only through the voice of a minority – a Hispanic woman – are we permitted to hear it.

George Schwab, Charlotte

The biggest issue isn’t with the statue

Allowing the South to honor its Confederate war dead with statues was, in the spirit of Lincoln, a gesture of reconciliation. The Union’s huge problem at the end of the war was repatriating the South.

I’m not hearing any of this in today’s statue discussion.

Gary Ellison, Davidson