Letters to the Editor

ICE request for NC voter records is bone-chilling

Outraged by ICE’s oppressive request

In response to “ICE wants officials to turn over NC voting records” (Sept. 6):

Janet Taylor 2017
Janet Taylor

The article describing the scope of voter records subpoenaed by ICE, and by extension the current administration, is bone chilling. It’s impossible not to wonder if this is yet another effort to suppress voters unlikely to support the GOP.

Given the fact the records will easily identify individual voters’ choices, this is an outrage. The right to privacy in the voting booth is essential.

Is there no way to stop the oppressive tactics of this administration?

Janet Taylor, Lincolnton

A new low in journalistic integrity

In response to “Trump lashes out after anonymous Times op-ed” (Sept. 6):

The publishing of an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times is a new low for journalistic integrity. The only reason for publishing such an unsubstantiated piece like this is to further the paper’s own agenda, which is clearly set on destroying the Trump presidency.

Shame on the New York Times. It is shoddy agenda-based journalism like this that lends credibility to claims that the media is the enemy of the people.

Regardless of your political affiliation, this should make you incensed.

Richard Martin, Charlotte

No justice for NC voters in court ruling

In response to “NC congressional elections to proceed with unconstitutional maps, court rules” (Sept. 5):

So once again NC voters are forced to elect representatives in unconstitutionally drawn districts.

Just because the judges say North Carolina cannot hold another election with these districts, it doesn’t mean the legislature won’t do the same thing again – drag out the process until it’s too late to redraw districts before the 2020 election.

Where is the justice for voters?

Lucille Howard, Charlotte

Don’t underestimate voters like me

In response to “Why you need multiple PhDs to understand this amendment” (Sept. 5 Opinion):

I don’t have a PhD. Though a long sentence, the amendment as written clearly and rightly spreads responsibility among citizens and all government branches rather than with one person. That’s an excellent idea I’ll vote for.

Your attempt to discredit it shows some contempt for us “less” educated voters. It reminded me of Malcolm Muggeridge’s famous quote about people being “educated into imbecility.”

Charles Walkup Jr., Waxhaw

A cost effective way to end food deserts

In response to “Charlotte grocery store boom continues to skip over poor areas” (Sept. 2):

Why not have CATS run occasional, but predictable, special routes through food desert neighborhoods to full-service grocery stores? Have the bus return an hour or so later to allow time to shop. Maybe twice per week.

If necessary, let it be a free route, as was the case with the Gold Rush shuttle uptown. Maybe the destination retailers would chip in to support the bus.

Wouldn’t this be a cost effective way to eliminate food deserts?

Russell Ranson Jr., Charlotte

Dems’ antics at hearing waste money

It’s perfectly clear that none of the left-wing liberal Democrats are going to vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, so why waste the taxpayers’ money? Hold the vote now and confirm the judge.

Then, the Democrats can find something or someone else to criticize.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

After this, I think it’s time for Cam to go

Floyd Prophet 2016
Floyd Prophet

In response to “Cam Newton on Colin Kaepernick’s new Nike campaign: ‘I respect the hell out of him’ ” (Sept. 5):

Cam Newton has now reiterated his public support for Colin Kaepernick and all that he “kneels” for, including his sponsor.

The NFL is still reeling after the sport became political a couple of years ago; ratings and attendance reflect such. With Cam’s game being measured as average after seven years in the league, perhaps it’s time for the Panthers to consider “sacrificing everything” in order to achieve greatness.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Too many drivers running red lights

I read with sadness about the tragic traffic deaths of Simmie and Sylvia Long due to a driver running a red light.

This seems to be a trend, as I have personally witnessed a number of close calls with cars and trucks dangerously running red lights. Consequently, I now wait a second or two before I enter an intersection on a green light.

I would strongly recommend bringing back traffic cameras to act as a deterrent to this practice. Believe me, it works in Europe, where the fines for this are onerous.

Michael Williamson, Charlotte