Letters to the Editor

If Trump is truly dangerous, stop hiding and step up

NYT writer, reveal yourself or resign

William Thompson
William Thompson

In response to “Trump lashes out after anonymous op-ed” (Sept. 6):

If a group of non-elected staffers is manipulating President Trump by actually stealing stuff off his desk, then that’s treason. Not to Trump, but to America.

I am concerned that presidential staffers, some ex-military, are telling us, “Yeah, we all know he’s an idiot, but trust us, we’ve got this under control.”

This is garbage. If President Trump is so dangerous to America, then invoke the 25th Amendment. Come out and tell us the truth – or resign.

We have no place in America for anything else.

William Thompson, Granite Falls

NYT writer deserves a hero’s welcome

Lorraine Stark
Lorraine Stark

Everyone is guessing who wrote the op-ed published in the New York Times. The author deserves a hero’s welcome. Here is someone who cares enough about his/her country to expose what is happening inside the White House with Donald Trump as president.

Let there be no doubt, this is a warning about the civility and a lack of morals that our country is now undergoing because of Trump’s ignorance.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Tillis shined at Kavanaugh hearing

While certain US senators grandstanded, obstructed, made threats, or launched presidential campaigns, NC Sen. Thom Tillis proved he has the qualities we cherish in our elected representatives.

His questions and observations were eloquently expressed and germane to those interested in learning who our next Supreme Court justice is and how he will deliberate.

North Carolina should be proud to have such people in office.

Jonathan Hoin, Charlotte

Kavanaugh vote should be delayed

No vote on Brett Kavanaugh should happen until all of his documents are released or before the midterms.

No president under investigation and already named an unindicted co-conspirator should be allowed to have a handpicked justice appointed to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh was chosen because of his views on presidential power and because he’s likely to rule against Roe v. Wade.

If confirmed he could potentially be the vote to decide the president’s fate And Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and should remain so.

If this vote happens, our senators should vote no.

Donna Masiello, Asheville

I’m not buying Carruth’s new story

Calvin Jones
Calvin Jones

In response to “Carruth offers new details about pregnant girlfriend’s murder” (Sept. 6):

The comments Rae Carruth made concerning the night of Cherica Adams death are so far-fetched.

Instead of expressing regret over her death, he is more concerned about his image.

A man should be a protector; if he knew his girlfriend possibly could be in danger, why speed away to avoid being confronted by something she had no dealings with?

I still, to this day, think he should have gotten a life sentence in Cherica Adams’ death.

Not standing up like a man back then and coming out with this garbage now goes to show what a coward Rae Carruth is.

Calvin Jones, Charlotte

Let toll lanes fail, then Cintra will deal

In response to “North Meck residents rally over I-77 to push for toll lane contract cancellation” (Sept. 6):

If the people who object to the I-77 toll lanes are so strongly organized, they need to just sit back and let the Spanish company finish the road. Then, they can organize a boycott.

These type projects have to get to a point where they are no longer having mass-money thrown into them and start turning a profit. It would seem that if Cintra finds out its return on investment won’t be as projected, it would be quite willing to strike another deal.

What have the protesting residents got to lose – they don’t have the road now and have been suffering for years. What’s a few more years?

Chris Weiss, Waxhaw

Stop blaming, start taking responsibility

Mike Van Glish
Mike Van Glish

In response to “Students need more real life lessons” (Sept. 6 Forum):

I strongly disagree with Forum writer Logan Long’s opinion of what our education system should be teaching students.

Schools should be preparing students for higher education, attending technical schools, or entering the workforce. The student should have the responsibility and motivation to learn whatever he/she needs to get to the next level.

Most high school graduates should be able to navigate the internet to learn how to vote, pay taxes, and learn about health care. You need to look in the mirror instead of placing unfair blame on the education system.

Mike Van Glish, Charlotte

Richardson’s name should stay at UNCC

I read with dismay that students at UNCC are considering a resolution asking university trustees to remove Jerry Richardson’s name from the UNCC stadium, the one Richardson so generously donated to to help build.

Are they prepared to reimburse Mr. Richardson’s estate for the $10 million donation?

How about this: Focus on what you came to campus to fulfill – an education.

To paraphrase: “You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you just might find you get what you need!”

Kevin Shally, Charlotte