Letters to the Editor

9/11 is a day for remembrance, not a day to stretch the truth

The president disrespected 9/11

September 11 is a day to remember the innocents and heroes we lost. It may be bad form to point out how President Trump has exploited the 9/11 tragedy in the past but after reading Paul Wildman’s column today in the Washington Post I think it’s something we all should know.

What kind of man would brag that his building was now the tallest in Lower Manhattan on the day the towers fell? Why would he take $150,000 from a fund for small businesses damaged by tragedy when his was not affected? He also made claims about pitching in during the tragedy; he did not. It’s always all about the Trump Brand which apparently is built on a foundation of lies and burnished with new ones daily.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

Republicans are not what they used to be

Robert Cubbler
Robert Cubbler

I have to ask the question: What do Republicans stand for? Republicans used to be the party of limited government, fiscal responsibility, free trade, personal responsibility, fighting against Russia, supporting our allies, morality, law and order, and keeping the family unit strong. Today, it seems that the only thing they care about is dictating women’s health care and destroying traditional government structures.

They are hell-bent on destroying all of the traditional values that have made us the envy of the world. Now the world wonders what is going on and can they count on us when problems arise. We used to be the solution; now we are the problem.

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

Kaepernick just wants recognition

In response to “Nike unveils Kaepernick ad to air during NFL season opener” (Sept. 5 Forum):

Does anyone else see the irony of Colin Kaepernick signing on as the poster child for a multinational corporation valued at about $130 billion that manufactures sports apparel overseas where it can take advantage of obscenely low wages and tax advantages and sell its goods at equally obscenely high prices? Maybe he doesn’t care about injustices outside of America as long as he gets a paycheck and his pouty face in front of the public.

David Gerard, Terrell NC

Stricter gun laws will solve the issues

Robert Pisano.jpg
Robert Pisano

The US will never get rid of guns; it just isn’t going to happen. Perhaps we shouldn’t. If you want to have a gun, I believe you should be able to have whatever type you want, be it a pistol, rifle, semi- or full automatic. What I expect of my government is to keep them out of the hands of active felons, the mentally ill, and perhaps people with a history of violence using weapons.

I also expect the people who own them to be responsible by not allowing others, especially minors, to access them. I would support strong responsibility laws that hold owners accountable. Since Republicans are all about personal responsibility, stronger laws in this regard will pass more quickly than trying to eliminate weapons from law-abiding citizens.

Robert Pisano, Indian Trail

Trump needs to know what’s going on

In response to “Trump’s right about it being treason” (Sept. 7 Opinion):

Kathleen Britton

Treason is the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. Clearly, writing and publishing an op-ed is neither.

No, this is a soft coup (when a group of people nonviolently seize power to change leadership) if senior administration officials are, in fact, without the president’s knowledge, preventing him from exercising the powers vested in his office, and substituting their judgment for his. Clearly, this should not happen. Sadly though, by tweeting “TREASON?” President Trump again demonstrates a lack of understanding and inability to manage. Does anyone believe these officials will simply resign?

Kathleen Britton, Charlotte

Serena broke the rules; it’s that simple

Headlines are saying the chair umpire cost Serena Williams the U.S. Open championship. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Serena’s coach committed one “code violation” by signaling her. Just because she says she wasn’t coached doesn’t negate what the umpire saw. Then, she smashed her racquet (Violation #2 - carries a one-point penalty). Then, she called the umpire a “thief” (Violation #3 - carries a one-game penalty). Naomi Osaka was kicking her tail and Serena got frustrated and lost her composure.

Serena is a great champion, but this was not the first time she’s lost her cool on the tennis court. I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for her.

Jim Esposito, Mooresville