Letters to the Editor

Obama left Trump a growing national debt

I don’t want Obama Democrats again

It is interesting to watch the former president re-inject himself into politics. He never really left. Since the previous election cycle, he and his disciples have contrived to destroy the Trump presidency.

Keep in mind: the national debt stood at $10.6 trillion when Obama took office. By the end of 2012 it was $15.4 trillion.. In April 2015 it was $18 trillion-plus – an over 70 percent increase in 6 1/2 years of the Obama presidency.

I don’t think we want Obama’s Democrats again.

Robert Alston, Charlotte

Misguided Haley is living in a bubble

In response to “When I challenge the president, I do it directly” (Sept. 12 Opinion):

Arnie Grieves 2016
Arnie Grieves

I have a lot of respect for Ambassador Nikki Haley, but she must be living in a bubble. When she speaks of sweeping unspecific claims and endless distraction hindering the process of governance, someone other than the anonymous New York Times op-ed author comes to mind.

Unfounded accusations and political diversions are the bread and butter of her boss, Donald Trump. The chaos lies within.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Need workers? Give convicted a chance

In response to “Employers struggle with worker shortage” (Sept. 9):

Melissa Mummert
Melissa Mummert PAUL VAN BREEMEN

I encourage employers like Jason Tebben to recognize that they may be missing out on potentially terrific employees by automatically barring people with criminal records.

My employer, Changed Choices, strives to connect women with records to livable-wage jobs. We hear glowing reports from many employers who hire our clients.

The vast majority of people living with criminal records are eager to connect with employers interested in giving second chances. I encourage employers to send your job descriptions to CharlotteReentry.org.

Rev. Melissa Mummert, Charlotte

Stop seeking ways to thwart NC voters

I don’t believe North Carolina needs a law to mandate ID to vote. It has been shown there is minimal voter fraud here and voter ID would impede minorities and the elderly from going to the polls.

Also we have no idea what type ID is going to be mandated. There are more important actions that could be taken to ensure the integrity of voting, like updating or obtaining security equipment.

This is another attempt to suppress voter turnout in certain communities. Instead, let’s work on ensuring voters are informed and have transportation to the polls.

Cheryl Stewart, Charlotte

McEnroe got a pass, but Serena doesn’t?

In response to “Serena broke the rules; it’s that simple” (Sept. 12 Forum):

Serena Williams was wrong. She lost her composure and acted just like John McEnroe did his whole career.

McEnroe is considered intense, a fighter, and he is loved. He’s known for berating officials his whole career. Yet, Serena is considered a witch!

We still have a long way to go in the way we treat men and women who make the same mistakes.

Rudy Abrams, Charlotte

Tillis must think voters are stupid

On his website, NC Sen. Thom Tillis says in reference to the Kavanaugh hearing: “Democrats on the committee have gone so far as to dispense with long-established Senate decorum and rules in order to fire up their base heading into the November midterm elections.”

After the treatment afforded President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, this statement represents the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

Mr. Garland was never even offered a hearing. So much for Senate decorum in the Republican world.

Sen. Tillis must think we voters have no memory, or that we are simply stupid. What little confidence I had in his goodwill and moral character has now dissolved.

Stephen Dowlan, Vilas

Florence is eerily similar to Hazel

In response to “Remembering Hugo” (Sept. 11):

We may need to go back before 1989’s Hugo to 1954’s Category 4 Hurricane Hazel.

It struck Calabash on Oct. 15, 1954 with an 18-foot storm surge, wiping out most of coastal North Carolina and Myrtle Beach.

The Raleigh-Durham airport tracked 100 mph winds as Hazel plowed north after making landfall, causing damage as far away as Toronto.

Florence could be Hazel’s twin sister. Pray for North Carolina if it is so.

James S. Walker, Charlotte

Thanks for putting community first

Thank you, Charlotte Observer, for giving free online access to everyone during Hurricane Florence and putting the safety of the community above the bottom line. Your goodwill goes a long way in the eyes of this subscriber.

Elizabeth Elliott, Charlotte